Monday, June 18, 2012

How Old??

Sphincter say what?  
That is my's very "Wayne's World" and definitely mature.  I don't mind birthdays and I don't mind getting older but I'm pretty sure I'm over it.  My 30th birthday was average, my 40th birthday kicked ass so I'm going to have to do something spectacular for my 50th.  Thankfully I still have a few years to plan out the entire three day festival. 

This year I had the privilege of being allowed/invited to run the Wasatch Back Ragnar and it landed on my birthday.  It seemed perfect.  What a better way to prove that age is just a number by running a relay race?  Even more awesomesauce was the fact that my second leg started right after midnight (on my birthday) and it was my hardest leg. Take that!  Mother Nature.  I'm super stoked about all the minds I picked at the race and ideas about running and running better.  I have a 5K next weekend and a half marathon in August, then I do the Napa Ragnar. 

I did spend some time this weekend just mulling things over.   So many inspirational people at these races and people that you hope you never become.  I think running may have become my midlife crisis.  Probably cheaper then a sports car, but not cheap - at least not for me.  (buying new running gear is the BEST)  But the past year has seen lots of great things happen.  I finally landed the job that I always dreamed of but never thought I'd be able to.  I've been running better then ever.  My health is good.  That whole breast biopsy thing was negative.  My kids are doing good and I can't complain about my marriage. My body is better then ever.

So how am I going to kick it this year?  Guess I'll keep on keeping on.  I have at least 6 months of races.   I definitely want to bust off this last 7.4 lbs that appears to linger right around muffin top status.  Guess I'll have to go for another long run to get some thinking done about that.  

I know that this next week I'm going to try and figure out how to post from my iPhone.  I take most of my pictures with the iPhone and then I think I'm going to post them and then i don't.  It's all so silly since we have the technology.    Matt gave me an awesome iPod Nano for my birthday.  I love love love it.  I've been looking at getting another one that is a bit easier to use and carry.  Although, all this technology - I think my iPhone and iPod are collaborating right now.  Take over the universe?  me?  Wipe out my pictures????  NOOOoooooo!!!

 Post 48th Birthday run.  I look just like my mom in this picture.  Can't wait to get these damn braces off either.  Still feeling Awesome!
Especially with Honey Bucket on our side.  It is amazing how clean they were able to keep them and how easily I can "take the browns to the Superbowl" in them.  Maybe I should get one for our house.  TMI?  ::::shrug::::

Cool instagram pic of my Nano.  Or is it a clock?  It's a clock on the Nano!!  Yes, it's almost 2am and I can't sleep.  I'm in Rock Springs and I'm off shift until 10am.  I should really sleep.  What I really wanted to do was take a picture of my iPhone and iPod discussing their plans for total world domination....but then, what would I take the picture with?  CURSES!!

Ragnar post pic to follow as is the Chicago/Radiohead extravaganza with Daniel.  

Blog on..................

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