Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crack of Dawn 8K

That sounds fun, eh?  A 5 mile run down Millcreek Canyon at six am.  At the time I signed up I was excited, getting up at 430 in the morning I was a little hesitant.  Luckily Paul and Susan were going to join me, so that made it worth it.  

The race was awesome.  It was beautiful and mostly downhill.  I set all speed records and WON third place in my age group!!!  Downhill races are the place to be!

So glad Paul and Susan joined me.  Paul placed 2nd in his age group and Susan ran 5 miles for the first time EVER!  I just love those guys!

Paul 2nd place and I am 3rd place in our age groups!

Running is so much fun.  It's really become a sort of hobby or even obsession of mine.  My friends Tera has joined me for a half marathon and I love running with Paul and Susan.  Even Matt has agreed to join me for the Las Vegas Ragnar this year.  Good good times!

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