Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wow! Things have changed!

Yep, 7 months.  That is how long it's been since I blogged.  This was not my intention at all when I started this.  But alas, life is ever evolving and I lost track of it about 8 months ago.  My new AirMed job, kids, hubby and all of it combined and the blog went back to the end of the line.  I saved pics though.  Thought of it often for about 3 months.  Then a few days ago I checked it out and started reading.  What a shame I haven't kept it up.  I'm sure I'll post some back pictures over time, but there is no catching up.  It's my scrapbook and lord KNOWS I'm not going to do any actual scrap booking in this lifetime.  My last scrapbook session was 17 years ago and I'm going to set all records for not doing it ever again.  Maybe.  I'm a fickle bitch.  

Job - oh hell yes.  Best job ever.  Lots to learn and lots of adjusting but I'm starting to feel comfortable.  I work with awesome people and we are there to do a great job and have fun in between.  The drive to Rock Springs is getting easier every week and frankly it's a great gig!  (shhhhhh...others have hated going to Rock Springs and we don't want the secret out that it can be freakin AWESOME!)  It's a little intimidating having to be "ready" for any type of patient and all that death and dismemberment, but for the most part my years and years of working with smart people in the SICU have given me a base knowledge that has brought me through.  I'm in a plane.  A lot.  

 Our plane.  It's actually getting painting right now.  The Rocks Springs hanger is right behind it.  
 I have lots of these pics.  I see some beautiful country!
Flight nurse.  Teehee

We go to some tiny towns.  This was Chester, Montana.  Nicest people ever.  Great experience.
Sassy patient...or wait.   That's my medic.  He's trying out the stretcher on the way home.  

Kids.  Well I still have them.  They are doing awesome!  Austin is working back up in North Dakota after a short respite back home.  He seems to be liking it although I miss having him around.  
Austin at Sami's Birthday dinner.

Jake is doing wonderful.  He has a job working on motorcycles and his band is doing great.   They won the "City Weekly Band of the Year" and are working on another album and touring.  
 Amie came to the band's showcase.  
 Max Pain and the Groovies
Jake is right behind the lead singer on Bass
 Watching them play at the Garage.

Sami is working at the UofU as an HCA and going to college.  Growing pains?  Yes, she has a few.  Still a beautiful loving daughter and I will not kill her.  

No - Sami is not drinking.  Matt and I were having a celebratory shot after I passed my orientation at work and of course she thought it funny to pose by it.  Such a cute girl!
 Looking so adorable!

Daniel is doing wonderful.  He's not working right now, but he is has already graduated from High School via GED.  Busy playing the guitar and planning his life.

 Yeah, he takes my phone and takes pics of himself.
 Daniel and Ted.  

Daniel and his girlfriend Haley.  Cute couple - they've been together almost a year!

Hubby and I are working hard and doing great!  I spend a lot of time running. Lots and lots of running.  I do love it and hope it keeps me fit for a while!  

I am a lucky girl!

Blog on............

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