Friday, June 29, 2012

Tall gal over a little fence.

Said in your best Chris Farley, "Fat man in a little coat" impersonation.

Thank you Sami for taking my picture at my finest. I'm wearing CROCS for hecks sake!!

I'm weeding a small portion of our back yard that has some melons growing. We put up a tiny fence and it keeps Ted out.  Zoe can squeeze her fat ass in, but I think she's too lazy for melons.  If it was tomatoes she'd be snacking on them right now!   It's horribly inundated with weeds and this was the third area that I weeded.  I filled up that orange home depot bucket about 5 times.

I didn't fly last night and had a great night sleep, so I feel accomplished.  I was exhausted after 2 hours in the heat and the great positions you have to get in to weed.  Sit on my butt, then switch to the "doggy style" gardening. Back to my butt.

One thing that is terrific; gardening is a very therapeutic activity, a good workout and makes your house look good.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now to prepare for tomorrows 5K.  PR to break is 27:55.  It's a hot hot day, so who knows!!??

Blog on...............

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