Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dreadmill dreadful

I could never have a job where I had to sit.  Especially if I had to sit and listen to people talk.  Today I took a PALS renewal class - which is Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  I need a lot of cards in order to stay current with my job.  BLS, ACLS, NRP, PALS, ABLS and pass a really expensive test that proves that I can study which gives me the letters CCRN after the RN in my name.  

Point is, I was excited to take this class.  My last transport was pediatric and I wanted to sharpen my skills.  I love learning, I hate sitting.  It's quite a conundrum. Good news, I passed.  100% on my written test I might add. I was stumped on one of the mega codes (what 3 month old has a tension pneumo??) but was happy overall.  I didn't fall asleep either..thank you Starbucks. 

Stars were added to protect the unsuspecting.  That baby on the table, it's not real. It's a practice baby.

After my successful passage of PALS, I worked my way to the gym.  I should have got up early and ran, but I sure like to sleep in.  I don't mind hitting the treadmill on short run days.  It was a 3 mile day.  I run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute, etc.  Each 5 minutes I go a little faster.  Starting at around 9:15 min/miles and end up at 8ish min/miles.  After i finished I did my favorite assisted pull-up machine.  Either I'm weaker or fatter, today was difficult.  My goal is to be able to do pull-ups without assistance.  It's more of a wish, since I'm not working all that hard to accomplish.  Too many goals at once.

When I got home I showered and assumed the position.

Add a little massage with my roller and some biofreeze and it feels really good.

I was looking at my calendar and seeing when my next long run is and I realized that I had run 13 miles this week when I was suppose to only run 12!  Now what?  I'm ahead of the game.  Guess I'll just keep adding and actually have a long run of 16 miles before my next half.  My training is a mix of Jeff Galloway and other stuff I've found online.  I've bought a couple of training plans from Runners World and I just mix them up to work for me.  I'm really buying into the long slow run that takes your body farther then your race distance.  When I'm running my LSR I keep the pace down and I am thrilled and surprised at how far and how great I feel.  

Truth is, running is an ever evolving learning process.

PS.  Yes, I love my new Saucony socks I found at TJMAXX and actually bought 9 pairs of them AND yes, if you look closely I have a bunch of race pictures on my mantel.  Trying to inspire the family!  

Blog on..............

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