Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Audrey 3 update

We have fruit!

Our errant magic pumpkin plant is finally growing fruit.  I think it actually slowed down the plant part too.  We have it stringing across the top of our patio now, thinking it would go all the way across and down the other side, but we will see.  


Little big bigger then a baseball.

This is the concerning one.   Just as you walk out the front door - tada!!  
It would make all the sense in the world to cut it down, but why?  Who else has a pumpkin growing from the ceiling on their porch?
This is the view as you walk out the door.  Last night my husband slung a net around it while it was small to prevent any cracks in the stem.  That is a bungie cord that I snapped onto our porch hooks and the vine is growing around it.  I had no idea pumpkin plants were this tenacious.  

I'm really hoping that one day that pumpkin does NOT knock on the door and yell, "FEED ME"!

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