Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

It's a big day here in Utah.  Truthfully I have always thought it was our states birthday but today I hear it has something to do with the Mormons finding the valley.  I would "google" it, but it just doesn't matter!  As a kid my dad would take me down to the parade site and we would camp overnight in the station wagon to save seats along the route.  One year when he did this, my dog died while we were gone and he told me at dinner.  I tried really hard not to cry.  Great memory eh?

Most of the time though we would just get up early, drive downtown for the pancake breakfast and then walk through the floats really fast as they are getting ready for the parade.   Then we would rush home in time to watch the parade on TV and sleep off all those carbs.  

I forgot it was a holiday until yesterday.  I signed up to work the ICU, but they didn't need me.   My husband has to work, he works from home most of the time, but his office is based out of California. So I took a long nap and snacked on cashews and fruit.  Maybe it was the long run, but I was super tired and slept hard on the couch. I had dreams of birds, cancer, Law & Order and although I wasn't nauseated, I marched through the anti-emetics available IV through my head.  

My Mat Core Connect class didn't get cancelled which I was thrilled about!  It was a great class and I actually felt like I could do the moves with some form.  My core is getting stronger.  Plus when my long legs are doing all these fancy core moves with my lower back on the Bosu - I kinda feel like a dancer.  Well, just kinda.   My hammy's are "insanely tight" says an orthopedic surgeon.  I stretch them out a lot but lets face it.  My genetic pool doesn't reach for the ground too much.  We are always getting things off the high shelf for short people.  (badambum!)

Ice Ice Baby!!!

Yep - every night I ice, massage and bio-freeze my heel.  Today it was feeling pretty darn good for day two after long run.  I'll run a quick 3 miles before my work class tomorrow, so hopefully it will be ready to go.  I'm going to win this battle! 

My dog Zoe keeps looking at me.  I don't know if it's because of the fireworks outside or she thinks I'm a dork.  Probably a dork.  

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