Monday, July 23, 2012

Quads don't fail me now!

This morning I actually got up at 5am, made coffee and prepared for a long run.  I like to get up in time to have something to eat and a few sips of coffee before I go.  I headed out at 6am while it was still cool but not too hot.  Right away I could tell my quads were still very fatigued.  I stretched them a couple of times but they had a sort of soreness throughout the entire run.  About mile 10  my foot started to ache just a tad but it didn't hurt to the point of affecting my form so I kept on.  I stopped once to pee at a gas station and refill water (guess I'm paranoid I'll pee my pants again) but felt great through most of the run!  The gas station is at about mile 7 and its a perfect time to refill and empty - if needs be.  The route I've been doing my long runs has some ups and downs but at mile 7 I have a nice 1.5 mile incline.  Not too steep but right in the middle of my run. I tried to keep my form sharp and pump my arms more. I also concentrated on a push off/lift.  I don't know how to describe it but when I start getting over 6-7 miles I can start shuffling a little.  If I concentrate on a little push off and pumping my arms I feel less tired and lighter on my feet.  After about mile 8.5 it's mostly downhill.  As you can tell from my lap paces. Of course, starting out slow gives me the energy to run a little faster in the end and never feel completely exhausted.  I ate chomps at mile 4 and 8.  I try to have a nice walk at the end to cool down.  I was pretty darn sore.   My shins and quads feel tight and my feet just ache.  I made it home, immediately made a recovery shake, mixed a NUUN and grabbed my ice for my foot.  I knew once I sat down it would be at least 30 minutes before I stood up.

Before I left I ate a banana and one dark chocolate almond milk carton. 

Run 13 miles 10:35 min/miles average

Mile 1 - 11:42
Mile 2 - 10:37
Mile 3 - 10:57
Mile 4 - 11:06
Mile 5 - 10:21
Mile 6 - 10:44
Mile 7 - 10:59
Mile 8 - 11:16
Mile 9 - 9:46
Mile 10 - 9:57
Mile 11 - 9:29
Mile 12 - 10:44
Mile 13 - 10:01

On my way out - ohhh.....cloudy.

Ready to go. I have no idea why my chin looks bright red or it looks misty behind me.  Neither one is accurate - but hey - not a lot of people look awesome at 6 am on their way out to run.  I forgot I had my sunglasses on my head until mile 6.  oops.

Legs are done - and my feet are killing!

Ahhhhh....delicious icy NUUN and icy foot.  

Of course I had a 90 minute massage a little while later and then a nap.  What a great day!

Blog on.................

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