Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog or Life change

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately.  A lot of running blogs.  I am always craving more information and finding people that have the same struggles that I do.  Although there doesn't seem to be many blogs about the challenges of a middle aged woman with kids of legal age, a blossoming career and the struggles of keeping the peri-menopausal body and mind under control.  Plus, I love running.  I love reading all things running.  I also love blogging about my daily life. I can look back and see how things were and what I've learned.  It's the best journal out there.  Once in a while my husband will peruse my posts. Imagine it's like reading my mind at times.  Magic. 

I'd like to re-name the blog.  Let's face it.  It's more about me then my crew.  Although I love my family dearly and they warrant mention on here occasionally, they are a busy crowd.  I can be home for three days straight and see the two kids that live here for a total of an hour each.  I just don't know what to re-name it.  I guess I could call it "middle aged woman in peri-menopausal crisis that runs....and flies".  

I understand that I have mentioned menopause twice, well now three, times in two paragraphs. If you have to ask, you don't understand.  Mother nature is very angry.  No one warns you either.  You just wake up morning after morning thinking, "you've GOT to be kidding me"!!   Don't ever say I didn't warn you.

I love running.  Around March I got all sassy and thought I could run without my inserts.  I had new shoes and was sure I could do some short treadmill workouts.  I thought it would strengthen my foot.  I was wrong.  I was so wrong.  Welcome back plantar fasciitis!  I missed you (NOT).  I took one year off running and limped for over 2 years fixing my last round with it.  I immediately went to my favorite podiatrist, who was the only one that fixed it.  Not physical therapy or anything else, only the custom inserts and strict instructions to wear only good solid shoes.  (Yeah!  new running shoes!)  My podiatrist, who has very little personality and even less sense of humor, laughed at me!  Yes, laughed!  He readjusted my inserts, giggled again and then told me I know what to do and to do it.  I have written about the shot of cortisone I endured about 3 weeks ago but besides that I have committed to a super serious regime of plantar healing.  Massage, ice, elevation and bio freeze.  Everyday my friends.  Everyday.  So far it's working pretty good.  Nothing wrong with sitting around with your feet elevated.  

On that subject (not really) I bought a new paddle brush from Aveda and I love it, love it, love it.  Sometimes I just brush my hair to brush it.  Plus I get to count and admire my grey hair that needs a touch up.  

Speaking of getting old.   I am blessed to have the red neck (teehee) of a high school student straight out of the back seat covered in hickeys.  Poikiloderma is the name.  My only treatment, because I am cheap, is bleaching cream and lots of sunscreen.  Because of this my face washing steps have quadrupled.  Soap, toner, lotion, sunscreen, bleach cream and occasionally some retinol cream to ninja block some wrinkles.

It's not a rumor, I love Saucony brand running shoes.  I have 5 pairs right now.  That may not seem like a lot BUT I have only been running in them for about 8 months. I was an Asics girl before and even briefly cheated with New Balance and Brooks, but now I've settled down and made a commitment. Yes, yes, it's love.  
I did buy Daniel some shoes.  He has some awful feet!  They are as flat as Fred Flintstones, horrible pronation along with collapsing ankles.  It hurts to watch him walk barefoot.  I've taken him to an orthopedic surgeon twice!  Only thing to do is get sensible shoes.  Daniel is 17.  He hasn't seen a sensible shoe since he was a toddler.  Big skate shoes whose laces are never tied is what he prefers.  Finally, after complaining for the 100th time that his feet hurt and for the 100th time me telling him he has to wear good shoes and inserts he is coming around.  He promised to wear these lovely size 13 Nike's.  Recommended by the running shoe guy and on sale for only 88 bucks.  Daniel better wear them!

Today was a rest day.  Thank god too!!  After speed work on Friday I thought I would survive a Pilates Reformer Jump class.  Holy Hannah did my quads burn.  From about jump 3, they started burning.  Then I told my instructor she was short.  Pain doesn't bring out the best in me.  I made it through but I cancelled a regular Reformer class this morning.  I have a long run (13 miles) tomorrow early AM and I would like to not die.  I am eating cashews and popcorn know, to carb load.  

Blog on............

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