Friday, July 20, 2012

Hot and Lazy

Since I have been home from work last Tuesday, Matt has been in California working.  Even though I miss my husband, I have been enjoying the lazy days.  All my workout clothes thrown on the bed with my favorite blanket and computer.  I laid in bed a lot and browsed the Internet, snacked and napped.  It was a good recovery from that long stretch of flying.

I did manage to clean things up before Matt got home tonight.  I hate coming home to a messy house and so I try to have things cleaned up before he comes home from out of town.  The black spots on the carpet by my bed? That is Ted hair.  We vacuumed 3 times today.  We have brushed him over and over again.  Poor guy.  Poor vacuum.

Another look at Audrey3.  I put a bungee cord up for her to grow along the porch.  We'll see if that works.  I'm pretty sure it won't hold a pumpkin, but I like to see how far it will grow.  I'm fascinated by how big it is!!  Nothing we planted in the garden is busting out like this.  Maybe I should plant my garden in the front flower beds?

Left a little later then I wanted to this morning, but I made it to Liberty Park to do my speed work.  I did Yasso 800 Speed work.  When it comes to running and training it seems that everyone has an opinion.  I've read that they are a waste of time and don't predict anything.  As far as speed work, I love them!  I can push myself without dying.  I am up to 6 X 800. The way I do them is I warm up with a 1/2 (which is 800 meters) mile walk/jog and then run as a pretty good pace for 1/2 mile.  My training pace calculations put me at an 800 meter time of 4:20.  Today I did anywhere from 4:02 to 4:45. After each one I walk for a bit and then slow jog for 1/2 mile.  I finished my 6 miles with an average 11 min/miles for my recovery and around 8:30 for my 800's.  Not too shabby and I burned 612 calories.  Woot Woot!

Today after my 2nd 800, I really needed to pee.  I passed the restrooms when I was running an 800 and I thought I'd make it around again.  Not so much!  The park is big and has wonderful running and bike paths.  About the time I finished my 800 I knew I needed to hit the pottie.  I walked through a short cut to the bathrooms but alas, I'm getting old and barely made it.  Meaning I peed my pants a little.  TMI?  I wouldn't want any other runners who have this happen think that it is totally unheard of.  Luckily it wasn't too much so I finished my run then got home to shower - instead of running errands.  No one wants to smell like pee!!!

It was definitely a beautiful day!  It was almost 90 degrees, but this park has awesome water fountains and I was able to stay hydrated and kept pouring water on my head.  Love the dry heat!

By the time I finished I was hot!  You can't tell in my pic, but I'm pretty wet with sweat.  That worry wrinkle really bothered me when I took the pic, but now that I look at it again, it's not too bad!  At least the braces come off in 3 months.  That will feel so good!  

I came home to shower and do some housework.  It helps to have some music to jam to.

This is the cable that is attached to our stereo/DVD player in the living room.  It's definitely old, but it works and I hate spending money for something just because it's newer.  Unless it's running shoes...of course!!  

Matt gave me a new iPod Nano for my birthday this year.  I find it almost too small.  I need to get a wrist holder so I can quit dropping it.  Trying to hold it and change songs etc, I feel like Zoolander with his little phone!  (great movie BTW)  I took this picture because it's funny how tiny the iPod is and how huge the cable is.  It works great!  


Most of today has been spent rehashing the shootings in Colorado.  Lots of posts on Twitter and Facebook addressing the tragedy.  It is horrible.  Unfortunately I see tragedy way too often.  This is just bigger proportions.  The family that looses a loved one to an accident, sudden illness or a personal attack hurts just as much, but society is a little complacent about these deaths.  Victims who die because they were hit by a drunk driver do not get news channels everywhere to proclaim that alcohol should be banned.  

Accountability cannot be legislated and neither can kindness and compassion. We can only do our best to be kind and compassionate and hope that our Karma is catchy.  

I really could go on and on..but it really is just my view of the world.  Someday I will post on my views on politics.  Maybe. 

Sending peace and love to all the victims and families of tragedy.  All of them.

Blog on...............

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  1. Liberty Park is my favorite place to do intervals. Way better than any track! I like to get there early before it gets too hot, but I agree, the water fountains are key! I usually do a 1-2 mile warm up through the 'hood on the way to the park, then 8-10 x 1min at 7:30 with 1 min jogging rest, then run 1-2 miles home. The speed work definitely helps my endurance. I've noticed a huge difference since I started doing intervals (at the advice of my coach last summer) and I also think I burn more calories on and the day or two after my interval day. Way to go! Maybe I will see you there one of these mornings :)