Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors

This plant, which shall now be known as Audrey 3 is what we have guessed is a pumpkin plant. I have mentioned her briefly in a previous post. Matt and I have no idea why three pumpkin plants started growing in our front yard flower bed. We don't carve pumpkins at Halloween and have no idea where the seeds came from. 

I can be a little eccentric at times and I wanted to ride this out. Of course Matt, the linear thinker, is insistent that we keep them trimmed up. Plants aren't suppose to touch concrete or house!! (and I'M the OCD one!)

There is no fruit yet but lots of "male" flower buds. It grows a foot a day and I need to figure out a place for it to go.

I'm enjoying watching it. See where this high risk crazy behavior takes us!

Go Audrey 3!!

Blog on........

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