Thursday, July 5, 2012

House of Pain??

My plantar fasciitis flared up.  After talking to my podiatrist for a month I have decided to get a cortisone shot, take 2 weeks off running and then have plenty of time to train for a half marathon.  So, to add to things to do I decided to run a long slow run of 12 miles in the am.  Trying to get up and out and back before my 8am dentist appointment.  I got up early and I was ready to go at 5, but ended up waiting about 30 minutes for it to be a little lighter so I didn't have to put on my reflective gear.

Beautiful sunrise!!

Love the redness mixed with the clouds.  The red is from all the fires all over the state.  It's horrible there are fires but awesome sunrise!

Needless to say - I finished my 12 miles and then ended up running the last 1/2 miles that I usually  walk so I could get to my dentist on time.  I also ended up going in my running clothes.  I'm pretty sure my dentist mocked my compression sleeves. 

Sweaty me, rushing to the dentist!

Then I went to the podiatrist for a shot of cortisone in my heel.  It was awful. The doctor is awesome and knows what he is doing, but the idea of a needle in my heel is gross AND it hurts.  I always feel like I should be pampered with warm blankets and juice after.  No, just a pat on my shoulder and "thanks for coming in"!

View of a new fire in Alpine from Sandy.  Matt and I came out of an appointment and there it was!  The fires this year are insane.

So my teeth are killing me, my foot hurts, and I'm exhausted.   I am NO fun!!

Blog on..............

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