Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ah ha!...and things are clearer

Finally figured out why my foot hurts so bad when we are flying. The vibration!

In the past month or so I have noticed that I'll be sitting on the plane on a transport and my foot starts to ache and when I lift it off the ground I could just scream HOLY HANNAH!  So much pain.  I would try different foot positions and crossing me legs, but sooner or later it was start to hurt again.  Well, during our last flight I had an epiphany.  It was the vibration of the plane.  We travel in a pretty small plane and there is some vibration.  SO, I tried setting it on the life port, but that proved to be uncomfortable.  
Then I tried making sure that the pained foot was on top of crossed ankles.  That didn't work too much either.  (Please keep in mind that my patient was sleeping and very stable - plus they look towards the back of the plane)
No one was neglected in the taking of pictures.
Before we left for our final leg home, I grabbed some 2 inch tape and wrapped my foot on top of my sock.  

It totally worked.  It gave my foot just the extra support it needed and I was able to walk comfortably.  This picture was when I got back to the apartment after the flight.

When we landed, or took off (I can't remember) in SLC it was a beautiful sunset.  The red sunsets have me a little paranoid from my childhood upbringing in an organized religion.  The one that says the end of the world is near when the sun (or the moon) becomes blood red.  Hard for me to come up with the details but when I was little I was so scared that I use to check the sunrise and sunset just to calm myself.  Another great reason why that whole shebang is just not my thing.  Guilt and fear..ick.

This is a little time backwards, but I like the overall message.

On our flights lately I have noticed how cool it is to get above the clouds.  It's summer and so those pretty fluffy clouds usually mean a little "light chop" or "shake, shake, shake" in our airplane.  But the views are amazing.  On the right is a picture as we are below the clouds, but can still see whats above.  It's very obvious how clear and bright the blue sky is. The picture on the left indicating we have broken free of them and we are just skimming the tops almost like sliding across a marshmallow pillow.  It was a pretty clear day and these clouds were pretty high - about 20000 feet.  The thoughts that came to me (there is no patient in the airplane at this time) is about how clear things are over the clouds.  It feels very metaphoric to me.  A cloudy day of trouble and one look up and I know above those clouds is the bluest clear skies, clean air and clarification.  In my mind I hope to keep that analogy in my heart.  When I'm feeling covered in clouds to just look up and ahead and know that whatever is causing my "cloud" that soon it will clear and there is a place that is cloud free.  Like the song, "I can see clearly now the rain is gone..." Close?  

I'm not usually that observant, but I've spent a couple of days soul searching and re-evaluating.  I seem to do it often and with the changes in the past year, it was due.  Whenever there are changes there are adjustments to be made and when I finally get a plan in motion there is always something that is going to temporarily derail the plan.  I thought it would be easier as my kids grew up and I grew older, but it really is not. Now I have to come face to face with the beast of mother nature AND still try to live my life as well as I feel I should.  The wonderful news is that no matter how old I get or the obstacles I face I can always move forward at whatever pace I can.  (running metaphor......:))

And I must say..I LOVE running!!

Blog on.............

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