Monday, August 6, 2012

I'll get a dolla

I'll get that dolla when I'm paid.  Threw in an extra 6 hours in the ICU today.  I admitted a post op cardiac surgery patient.  That works pretty good for me.  I get to keep my skills fresh and see friends and co-workers I miss.  The patient did great too. Although if one more person said to me, "Can you take a heart?" I was going to loose it!!  I have taken care of post op cardiac surgery patients for at least 7-8 years.  If anything there was just some computer charting things that have changed that I had a few questions on.  I wasn't even hurt when the CT surgeon said, "Is she allowed down here?".  Hahaha

I didn't have to go in to work until 1pm, so I dressed in my running clothes and went to the Library.  I left the house with full intentions of going to the gym, but I spent too much time at the Library and then went to get some parts for my sports water bottle.  After that I had to get home to get ready for work. Dressing for the run counts, eh??  

The best news!  I was able to check out "Hood to Coast" DVD.  I've been wanting to see it for a long time and now I have it in my hot little hands!  



Other updates and good news.  
Audrey 3

Look at this pumpkin grow!  My husband put it in a basketball net and screwed some more hooks in the porch to hold it.  It's bigger then the one on the ground.
I feel this pumpkin needs a name.  Hmmm....Money Pumpkin??  


The best for LAST of the Great news!!
My niece is here!  My niece is here!  My brother Dave and his wife, Melissa had a little baby girl today.  I have no stats, just a name.
Lissett Hancock-Taylor

Can't wait to smell her!

PS.  I still iced my foot and kept a shoe on all day.  I'm breaking my arm patting myself on my back!

Blog on..............

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