Monday, August 6, 2012

Fighting the PF.

Plantar fasciitis. It's worse then the worse cuss word. I know the new shoes will help but I also know I have to step it up. Today I iced it twice, rolled it on a frozen water bottle, took ibuprofen and rubbed it with bio freeze.

I also know that one if the most important things is to wear my inserts and wear good stable shoes all the time. I've taken a great pair of Mirage running shoes that I've never worn and made them my house shoes. I don't like shoes in the house and although my carpet is in dire need of a cleaning, I still don't like shoes in the house. I'm sad I can't have them as my next running shoes.

Admittedly I have been in quite a bit of pain in the last few days. Not icing like I should and walking around barefoot has bit me in the ass. I did more research today. Many have continued to run throughout. I go, trying to run and heal my foot at the same time! Crazy runner!
Demoted to house shoes.

Roll, Roll, Roll on the ice..

Blog on.............

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