Sunday, August 5, 2012

East Canyon part deux

Do you remember when I ran this?

We ran it again this morning.  This time Tera came along and Jason was able to run at his own pace.  Matt came along and rode his bike up and down the canyon a couple of times.  It certainly felt better then last week!  Tera and I stuck together and we hit the top faster then last week, but we ran slower downhill.

Team Rydman matching shirts.  We were also wearing black shorts.  (I hate this picture of me...but I didn't want to skip showing my hubby)

Gosh, I hope we can be seen on the side of the road!  Bright and we all have our compression sleeves on!  Jason, Tera and me.  I'm trying to pretend that I'm short - but really it looks like I'm farting.

Interrupt today's run recap with update on my Devil Dash injury.  It's mostly scrape but there is two big bruises.  The picture does not do it justice, of course.  

Today's Stats:

Total time to top: 40:34  - 3.58 miles 11:19 min/mile -  I didn't hit the lap button, so there is a little guessing involved.

Miles:  Last week - This week
1 - 10:31 - 10:35
2 - 12:05 - 11:40
3 - 11:03 - 11:29
The rest is a guide, not a promise.  Last week I hit lap and then it started lapping every .67 miles.  This week I didn't hit it and I have an average for every mile.
4 - 10:57
5 - 9:08
6 - 9:42
7 - 11:33 (Included part of our walk/cool down)
Last .28 mile - 18:04

LAST WEEK4.67 - 8:52
5.67 - 9:09
6.67 - 8:28
Last 405 feet - 8:30

Obviously slower at times, but going up was faster and the total run was 6.7 miles with a 10:24 min/mile pace.  

Burned 815 calories.

After we are done and feeling pretty darn good!

Modeling my new shorts and shoes.  I loved them both, my feet felt great.  I was nervous my new MPG shorts would ride up and my thighs would light on fire.  I used Body Glide, just in case.  No fire, no rubbing and no ridding up. Thinking that this may be my Top of Utah half marathon outfit. 

Running with Tera was great.  She is a little faster in that she doesn't stop and walk as much.  I'm a little faster on the downhill, but we had a great rhythm and we were even able to talk a little.  I love this run.  Gets me ready to run up hills AND down hills.  

My foot was sore and I iced it twice.  I have a good feeling about these shoes, but I know it will take time.  I also plan on buying the Hurricane 14's as soon as the next model comes out and I can get them for cheaper.  Cheap skate?  Maybe.. OK, yes!  

Tomorrow I am going to throw in an extra shift in the ICU!  Yeah!  Shoes shoes shoes!!  Long run of 14 miles planned for Wednesday in Rock Springs.  If I don't get it done that day because of flights then I'm going to do it Friday morning before we leave to go fishing.  

I still have 2 spots left for the NAPA Ragnar!  If anyone is interested in joining us then email me.  We always have a blast and welcome runners of all levels. Minimal speed average is 11 min/miles.  

Blog on............

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