Saturday, August 4, 2012

Devil Dash!

Because we like it dirty!!!

Oh how fun this race is!!  I even dragged my husband along and he had fun.  We went with Tera and Jason and met up with a friend that we use to work with at the hospital, Jen.    Matt and I went to Saver's and bought red shirts and I ran in a pair of shorts that were on their way out of the house, but kept them for this race.  They were my first running shorts and even though I saved them for this run, oh how nerdy I felt!

I even found these little clip in horns that I use to wear when I worked Halloween at the hospital.  

Matt and I before.

With Tera and Jason at the start line.  They sent us off in waves and we were in the 1030 wave.    It was perfect.
Yeah, I look like I'm picking my shorts out of my ass in this picture - but really I was just bringing my hand back and the shorts are SO baggy and the split up the side is SO high.  I don't remember a snuggy.  

Wish I had pictures of us in the race, but maybe some will come up on the race site.  There was a lot of going over logs and horse jumping roll tops.  We climbed up a rope wall and "rappelled" over the other side.  In muddy water we sorta army crawled under barb wire.  Climbed over tires into a dumpster full of "blood".  Lots of mud, lots of mud holes.  The best was the slip and slide.  I haven't jumped onto my belly to go downhill in at least decades.  What a total riot!!  Now I want a hill and a slip and slide.  It was a heavy duty thing and boy could you get some speed.  Tera almost hit another girl that wasn't taking it as fast.  At the very end was the muddiest part and then you jump through 3 rings of fire.  Felt like a baking mud pile.  Didn't stop us from getting our beer though!

Mud and beer and a Mexican hat in honor of our planned trip to Taco Taco after the race. 

Sweet medals too.  Bottle opener, necklace, key chain - you name it!  Those are the showers behind us.  The water was a little cold, but we made it through it.  I threw my shoes into the salvation army van after.  They had hit their mileage anyway.

Tera and I after clean up.  I'm not really that big, she is just itty bitty.  Peace!

We timed at just over 36 minutes which I thought was awesome!  
Later - at the Schatz family pool, my athleticism was showing, or what I like to call: War Wounds.
Face it, I run because I can't repel and climb and all those things that take flexibility and balance.  I have a horrible sense of balance since my first pregnancy and it never came back.  I have insanely tight hamstrings, despite the yoga and Pilates.  My long legs just tend to throw me off.  Where I should be hurdling the logs I just didn't trust myself.  I think I acquired these scrapes - or some of them - when I was trying to climb in and out of very deep mud holes while avoiding barb wire.  

Next year - oh I'll be there!  It's too much fun to pass up!

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