Monday, August 27, 2012

Beer Fest: recap

Because doing a recap for a Beer Fest makes me giggle.

My friend Amie called me to let me know that her and her awesome parents were downtown at the Beer Fest and Jake's band was playing in about an hour. I really wanted to go but my sore body and painful foot were screaming NO! So I showered and hoped I could find a parking spot close.

The picture that taunted me to go, despite my painful ability to walk.  Who can resist my handsome son and Amie's mom Dawn.  Love them both..SQUEEZE!!

Max Pain and the Groovies!!  
(Album available on iTunes)

Amie - showing herself onstage!  See how all the other band mates are laughing and Jake is just playing away....
I'm going to have to get this picture framed, I LOVE it!

After the show.  I was so glad I went!  I can't help it, I love seeing great friends and can always get a smoochie from my son.  I love how when he sees me he gives me a hug and kisses me on the cheek.  It doesn't matter who is around or anything, and it makes me so happy and proud that he's my son.  Plus the good looks and the talent - of course!

Amie's late birthday gift.  I wish it didn't say x-communicated, but it's kinda funny having a tank that has "Mormon drinking team" on it.  (My religious views - I thought I had done a blog entry about it but I didn't - I was Mormon and then in 1998 I wasn't - boom, in a nutshell) A Beer Fest, on Sunday in downtown SLC and it was crowded!  Salt Lake is coming along nicely.  Now if I can convince my Mormon family that having one drink doesn't put me down as a drunk.  :::shrug:::::

Way cool clouds coming in and around the other side of the city it was dark.  This was a picture I took on the way to my car after the Fest.  

Great time!
Blog on..........

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