Thursday, August 2, 2012

Break Up

It's been a fun run, but it has to end.  It's not me it's you, well, it is you....all you!  Zoot!

Years ago I bought a pair of Zoot running shorts.  I love them!!  In the last few months I've lost weight and those shorts are getting old and stretched out.  The last long run I did in them, it was clear that I was going to have to retire them.  They were the perfect length, with the perfect waistband and had the most perfect pocket in the back that I could put my cell phone in and not even feel it.  A couple of months ago I bought a different pair of Zoot shorts that are a size smaller and I love them too (picture with the gray shorts).  But I really wanted shorts that were more yoga-esc fitting. 

When I went looking I found some shorts on the "Department of Goods" website from Zoot.  Two pair to be exact.  There were matching shirts and everything was 50% off.  WOOT WOOT!  It only takes about 2 days to get stuff because it is a local business and they are awesome.  My clothes were waiting for me when I got home from work today.  Oh excited!!!  I tried them all on.  What the freak!!!!  The medium shorts fit like smalls.  I don't have a lot of muffin top, but with these shorts they highlighted my mini-muffins!  The matching shirts were OK, but the tank was so tight around my body all the way down.  Is Zoot so sure that everyone that wears their clothes has zero body fat??  With the tight shorts and the tight tank I was looking fine...NOT!  The second pair of Zoot shorts were a large and they fit OK, but they were just a tad bit too short.  Can I mention, there is absolutely no pockets in either one.  There was one in the tank though.  This isn't the first time the sizing with them has been confusing and since they are a company that emphasizes clothing for triathlons more then running then we are over.  Done.  

I did get a pair of MPG shorts that fit good AND have a zipper.  They were only 20 bucks, so they are being thrown into the mix.  The other FOUR articles of Zoot clothing are going back today.  Lucky for me I can just drive to the business and return them.  I may look at some other shorts why I am there.  I have my eye on some Sugio's...with 2 side pockets.  Giggity giggity!!

Even when I was chunky these shorts didn't let me down!  This is October 2011.

Action shot at the Thelma & Louise half marathon in May 2012.  Zoots were hangin in there, although they were a little loose.

New Zoot's that I bought this year in Medium.  They fit great!  Picture from the Crack of Dawn 8K.  3rd place in my age group.

Looks like I'm off to keep looking for shorts I like.  If I didn't buy any shorts in 5 years I'm sure I have enough to keep me running in style, but you know how it running clothes!!  

I also checked on my shoes and I should be getting them today.  Should I do a long run in them first thing?  I want to run 14 miles tomorrow and using the more stable shoes would be a good thing.  I guess I can just run in them and if things go really bad I can stop.  Brilliant!

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