Monday, August 20, 2012

I lost my mind!

But only for a moment.  Maybe two.  I was actually trying to think of when I did my speed runs and I couldn't remember.  Now I do.  All this working!  I love it, hate it, like it.  
Saturday after I got some sleep (flew until 3am) then I headed to the gym for my speed work.  It's just too dang hot to run outside after 9am.  I am completely ready for Fall.  I only did 4X400's.  I started at 8.8 min/miles for the first 400, walked fast in between each one.  My next 3 400's were at 8.6 min/miles; 8.4 and 8.4 min/miles.  Much faster then my half marathon pace of 9.30min/miles.  I ran 10 min/miles for 2 miles before and after for warm up and cool down.  Total I was on the treadmill for one hour.  Not too shabby!

Sunday I worked a 12 hour shift in the ICU.  It was awesome.  I worked with some fabulous people that are awesome nurses.  I don't like working next to incompetent nurses - it makes me crazy and I worry about their patients.  Plus my running/Pilates/drinking/style/working and hanging out with buddy, Tera was working too.  Day went great, had good patients and put in a good day of OT.  

Today was Pilates athletic conditioning and errand running.  I feel tired and crappy from not sticking to my Paleo lifestyle and eating chocolate cake and popcorn.  I thought I'd feel better if I took a nap.  When I woke up - I had lettuce from lunch on my neck.  LETTUCE - ON MY NECK.  Not a fresh piece of delicious romaine - no, a wilted, moist old piece of lettuce from lunch. 

Completely indicative of the way I have felt for about a week.  A hot mess.  

Tomorrow is a 5 mile run with 3 miles at half marathon pace.  Another day with another chance to turn this mess around!!!

Last three days of fun.

Airplanes.  Utah National Guard. 
Audrey3.  Our magical money pumpkin. She's orange now and the damn plant has powdery mildew.  I sprayed it with milk but I think I'm going for the big gun tomorrow.  I'm going to spray it with a fungicide.  PLUS - the plant started growing again and we have 2 more pumpkins growing.  We have a total of 4 that I know of and 2 of them are on the sidewalk.  It would be more awesome without the white mil-dewy leaves.  

My view before I lay back and get my eyelash extensions refilled.  It's good for at least an hour nap and I love the no mess makeup.  

Blog on................

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