Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Broads with Rods

I've never had so much trouble with pictures on my blog before!  I finally figured it out, but I'm sure I'll forget by the time I have to post a bunch of them again.  

Last weekend Matt and I joined Jason and Tera and we spent 2 days fishing on the Green River just below Flaming Gorge dam.  We had 2 guides, which is the ONLY way to go!  The first day we stayed with our hubbies and fished, but the next day the girls spent the afternoon in one boat.  Our awesome guide James really took good care of us and we were really having a blast and catching lots of fish.  

Tera and Jason Fishing

My first catch of the trip.  James taught me how to hold a fish without dropping or killing it.  It's my first hold without a towel too!

Matt was super excited.


First day.  That is our guide James.  The last few hours I just sat and enjoyed myself...drank.  

After a long day of fishing we went to get some delicious grub at Snatch....errr  I mean Snag restaurant.  It's right on the water and I must say, the food was delicious!

A Matt and Kathee action shot.
Check out that form!

Matt is in the zone.

I'm in the zone too.  The take my picture zone.

Start of the second day was beautiful.

Day two and we are looking fabulous!

Out of order - but start of second day again.

Matt and I again.

The broads - waiting for Jimmer to get their rods ready.  Assuming the chillin' position.

Jason's catch.

Tera and I ....we are hitting the rapids and we both have a fish on!

Matt catching another big one. 

I got tired of having the same "holding the fish" pic.  So, I stuck my finger in it's mouth.  Fish abuse? Doubtful.  I'm sure he liked it - look at those eyes, so bright and excited.  Bahahaha

Almost a smooch.  What a grip!

Tera fishing the way you should fish.  Relaxing!! 

Smoking a fish - or what?  Tera the fish whisperer.

The end of the line.  The real Broads with Rods!

She's a beauty!

I really did kiss this fish.  They are much better kissers then you would think.

Green River Wrecking Crew
Jimmer, Paul, Jason, Tera, me and Matt

Good times with great friends!  I'll be doing that again.

Blog on..........

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