Friday, August 10, 2012

Off to play

I'm going fishing. My husband and I are going with Tera and Jason to enjoy a guided fishing tour on the green river.
I was going to run this morning, but I set my alarm for I did attend a Barre class so something happened. Then I did the unthinkable - I went to lululemon. Bought the cutest purple running outfit even though Tera called me Barney. I'm comfortable with my love for purple.

Last night was our Ragnar meeting. We are called the "12 deadly zins". We decided to put names of odd Zinfandels on the back of our shirts. . We are going to wear argyle leg sleeves and our shirts will be purple. Tads! I still need to find 3 more runners. Ahhhhh!

Since I don't like to post without a picture then I will leave you to stare in awe at the bruises from our Devil Dash.

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