Monday, August 13, 2012

Long Slow Run

After a weekend of drinking and catching fish - I had a long run on the calendar this morning.  Last time I got out for my long run the heat cut it short.  Today I was out the door at 630am.  Matt joined me for the first 3 miles and then I took off to finish the rest.  

Before the run I ate a banana and had my Click protein shake - mocha flavor.  Delish and it has caffeine in it.  During the run I ate a few of my Jelly Belly energy beans and then at mile 7ish I stopped at a park and gagged down a mocha/caffeine goo.  I liked being at a park with a water fountain so I can wipe off my mouth and fingers. I can't manage to eat a goo without getting sticky somewhere. I also had a salt pill at mile 10.  Not sure if it helps, but I thought I would try it.  I stopped at mile 4 and 10 to pee.  I hustled into a couple of gas stations at miles 4 and 11 to fill my water bottle up with ice. I also popped a few of the energy beans along the way. 

It was a great a great run that took me all the way to Liberty park and back, I even ran the hills coming back home. 

Mile - pace
1 - 11:38
2 - 11:13
3 - 11:17
4 - 10:13
5 - 10:51
6 - 10:58
7 - 11:03
8 - 10:12
9 - 9:38 (big downhill)
10 - 10:43
11 - 11:01
12 - 11:25 (Big hill)
13 - 10:04
14 - 10:42
15 - 10:38
0.38 mile warm down

Total miles 15:38
Total time 2:48:30 (15 miles 2:41:30)
Total Calories 1744
Average 15 miles min/miles - 10:46 min/miles.

My foot started hurting a little more going downhill.  I knew I would irritate it on this long run especially after wearing river sandals for 2 days straight.  I did keep it taped the whole weekend and for the run.  Now it's up and icing - I started right after I took off my shoe.  I also took an ibuprofen.  

Hoping my foot makes it!  Haha.  I know it will.  I just hate that it hurts so much.  Thought about an ice bath - but my tub is dirty and I don't want to clean it.  My bad!
Good news - Last long run before my half marathon AND the longest I've ever ran!  I also have a massage in a few hours.  YIPPEE!!

Ow ow owwie.  Complete with my compression sleeves.  Love them.

My friend Rachel is in town and came to get my dog.  

My attempt at getting a picture of Rachel and Ted.  Ted loves Rachel more then anything..I mean ANYTHING!!  We couldn't get him to sit next to her.  He would flop around, lick her, talk.
Maybe next time I'll wait until she tires him out on a walk.

Look at that adoration
When I said, "TED" to try to get him to sit up he smiled like he was doing something wrong.

At least Rachel looks cute.  I miss her!  She's all grown up and traveling around, learning and experiencing.  So cool!  The other dog by Rachel is Zoe.  She is pretty smart.  Hates her picture taken, but loves sitting with Rachel.  Ted could learn something.

Later:  I'm blogging about two gals fishing on the green river with their husbands and 2 guides.  Broads with rods my friends.  We were trout slayers!

Blog on.............

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