Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Awkwardly Funny

Today I started a fire in the parking lot of one of our local reservoirs, helped to put up a "three" man tent and ate delicious Carne Asada.  I was paid.  Don't hate.  Love my job.

Conversation that I had that totally made me laugh - this is the Awkwardly Funny part.

Picture this:  Me and another employee, let's say he's male, standing by the reservoir, enjoying the nice weather and not too hot sun.

Me: I wish I knew the trails better.  I'd love to run in the mountains, but I run alone and don't want to take off in the wilderness.  (meaning: I always get lost)

He: Do you have a fanny pack?

Me:  NO!  (aghast at the thought of wearing a fanny pack, willy nilly)

He:  Oh, you should get a gun.

Me:  I've shot one gun and it didn't go well.

He:  I think all women should carry a gun 24/7. 

Me:  I would be more harm to myself.

He:  They have a class for women, it's only 40 dollars. 

I absolutely love this co-worker, and now I love him more.  He made me laugh.  All women carrying guns?  Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue??  I'd probably shoot someone every 30 days if you get my drift.  SO funny how it went from zero to "you should pack" in 2 sentences. I have no interest in guns....I shrug.  Fanny packs bring up more emotion in me then the gun control issue.  I don't have a problem with the whole concealed permit and people carrying guns.  I would like the option of being around the gun though.  When family would come in to the hospital to visit and I was taking care of their loved one, I didn't feel comfortable with a gun in my work space.  Unless of course it was accompanied by a boot wearing, tight uniformed SWAT team member.  I would also like the permits pulled from anyone that does anything that is obviously and dangerously stupid.  One chance stance.  You did this - your an idiot - give me your permit.  (I.E. pull a gun on two dogs fighting in the middle of a dog park that is surrounded by a children's park with kids playing) 

This post is not meant to have ANY for or against gun control vibe, the conversation was a giggler. 

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