Thursday, August 16, 2012

Real life and running

All this working has really effected my blogging!  Unacceptable!  
Yesterday we didn't fly, so at 815pm, when my pilot's time out, I went for a run.  I don't have the details because my Garmin is in the on-duty apartment, but it was 4 miles in about 41 minutes.  I stayed on the main road here and was probably slowed down by all the traffic lights - but I wasn't sure how much daylight I had.  My first observation:

Wow these shoes and this light make me look tan!  I'm not much of a sun goddess and if I'm in the sun I'm rubbing at least 50SPF on myself.  All those fishing days paid off, even with 50SPF.  If I was in a swimsuit it would be sad.  My tan line stops right at the shorts and socks mark and there is a Garmin line on my wrist.   Someone likes to run...
30 minutes after I took the picture above I was on my way back to the apartment and took this picture:
Hello DARK!!  So glad I was on the main road with all the street lamps but I realize that outside runs during pilot timeout are a done deal until the spring. Bum hair!  Going to have to hit the treadmill next time. Later, around 11pm, we were called on a flight.  We were so fast that the pilot was a little flustered and I ended up with all the bags around me.  This picture doesn't give it justice at all..but there was about 4 work bags and 2 helmet bags around me.  Patient did great - and that is what is important!!

After all the patient care was done we took a cab to the hangar to take the plane back to the Rock.  We are in the loaner plane and both of our planes are in the SLC Hangar.  You can't see, but the 399 engine was taken apart for maintenance.  Both planes are now painted like Clifford the big red dog!!  If you see it, wave!     

Didn't get to bed until 4 am.  I'm off work now, until 10pm tonight, but I had to work until noon with meetings.  I just need to take a nap, but I'd like some chocolate too.   I don't want to go to the store..guess I'll take a nap.  Such life decisions EVERY DAY!!  I'm not even sure I used proper grammar in this post, and I still have a weekend post in the works.  Damn pictures.  I can never get them to post in the order I want and one is upside down and I can't get it to download onto my blog the right side up.

How do I go on??  Teehee

Blog on...............

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  1. Have fun!!! sounds like you must be a flight attendant. I've always wondered what it's like ? and great job getting your run in.

    Thanks for reading!! :D Have a great day