Saturday, September 1, 2012

A peace of heaven

Busy busy day today and unable to get the post together for my race recap.  So I leave you with a little peace of heaven.  My great friend - who I've known for about 8 years now, had her second child.  She has a boy and this is an adorable baby girl.  I could not get enough of those cheeks and the smell...OMG the smell!!!  Babies necks are what I think heaven smells like.

None of my own kids were this tiny.  This little girl is a nugget of happiness!  

My husband, who has not had much experience with babies is actually pretty nimble with the newborn.  She wanted to roll up in a ball.  

Can you even hold a baby and not be happy?

All I know is one minute I'm holding my most precious babies and all of the sudden they are all grown up.  I was warned it would go fast but it just keeps getting faster and faster.

Thanks to my friends for letting me come to the hospital and get my baby fix and congratulate you both on an awesome job.  You should have 10 more.  teehee.

Pics and race recap tomorrow!!  

Blog on.............

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