Sunday, September 2, 2012

Recap: Salt Lake Half Marathon Relay

Pre race.  Feeling strong.  Me, Nicole and Tera are running the relay and Jason was running the full half marathon.

I took the first leg and it was 4 miles up, up and up.  We have run it a few times (Jason, Tera and I) so we could get a feel for it.  I knew what I was in for and I was pleased with my speed considering I'm a crappy hill runner.  

Coming up the hill looking strong.  As soon as I high five Tera, she took off and apparently I was going to walk into the mountain.  All that form I was working on all the way up just vanished as soon as I finished.  It was a great run and I was exhausted!!  

We must have done something right because we took 3rd in the women's relay.  I averaged 11 min/mile and Tera averaged less then 9 min/mile (she was ALL downhill) and Nicole, we figured averaged about a 10 min/mile.  We aren't a fast team but it was a great time and we had matching leg sleeves!

Mmmmm  Delicious 

Oh how we love a medal!  These were etched glass.  I've got to get me a medal holder!

During my run I was really trying to put the things that I have learned about form to work.  When my cadence was fast and my form was good my foot didn't even hurt.  I feel great knowing that I'm finding the tools and information I need to work out this injury.  Podiatrist and physical therapist are great and they give great advice and feedback but in the end I have to take responsibility for my running and my body.  

Off to spend a night in the mountains.  Hope there isn't any rain or flash flooding!

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