Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just this side of lazy

Sunday night we went up to my friends property in the mountains and spent the night. Even my daughter went, which was a miracle!

We had an awesome time time with great weather.  We sat around a fire until it was dark and then Gary put a sheet up and we watched a great movie while sitting on comfy camping chairs and sipping a cocktail and eating his dutch oven peach cobbler.  Not bad eh??

In the morning, my husband broke out all his favorite camping gear and stove and made us a yummy egg breakfast.  What a wonderful time to get some fresh air!

In other exciting news:

TODAY I saw the UPS guy pull up to the house and I knew it was going to be AWESOME!!
My new stable Saucony Hurricane 14's.   I immediately took a picture and posted it on Instagram and Facebook and then slipped them on to check them out as I worked on some housework stuff.  Comfy as can be and although they didn't really match my jammie bottoms, I was willing to make that fashion mistake to have these bad boys on.

Speaking of running, I haven't ran since the race on Saturday.  Taking my time to really working on my foot by taking regular ibuprofen, stretching and elevating it.  I ice it about once a day and do some stretching.  I finally found a file that had enough grit to smooth out my insert (I had to use a rasp!) and right away it felt a little better.  I can't really go without running until the Ragnar, so I'm going to get up and while it's cool put in a 5 miler'ish and then on Saturday I'll get a long run in.  My first Ragnar I did with a bum knee and not a lot of training.  I didn't break any records but I feel pretty confident I can give the team 10 min/miles average this time even with a big let up on training the last two weeks.  It's slow down time anyway!

But don't worry, I've been sweating.  I have taken a couple of core Pilate's classes this week and I have to say, ouch.  It's amazing how my core muscles are so sore sometimes.  But I love doing it because I can definitely see the improvement.  

Next week I leave for San Francisco for the Napa Ragnar!!  I am very excited!  I am the captain of this team that we call, "12 deadly Zins".  I don't know if this happens to everyone, but I'll get 10 people to talk me into being captain and then only about 6 can commit.  I don't know if it's the cost or the time.  I try to be upfront about the cost, especially with being from out of town and having to drive, hotels, etc.  I was lucky to have found enough people to fill the spots and I look forward to meeting them and making new friends from around the country.  They all seem to be kind, compassionate and hilarious.  We are in it for the experience and the medals!

I'll definitely keep posted on that one!

Blog on.................

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  1. LOVE the shoe! I used to run in Hurricanes (11 I believe) but then switch to Guide 4. Hurricane is a great shoe! Wish you a speedy recovery and a fantastic relay!!