Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mid day run

What I really should call it is learning to procrastinate until it's noon and starting to get toasty outside.  

I have to confess a couple of things.  
1. I have weird sleeping problems.  
2. I have been deemed Lord Procrastinator.  (I know this because I procrastinated this post until I couldn't sleep)

It all started 9 years ago when I became a nurse and was working days and sometimes nights.  Last year I tried all nights and that helped a little except on my off nights I was sleeping from 4am until noon.  Then I became a flight nurse and things improved somewhat.  I'm certainly not up all night as regularly and as long as I was when I worked in the hospital but lets face it, people need critical transportation even at night. Couple that with not sleeping great when I'm on shift and having a good night sleep is just out of reach.  I know it's making me age faster, I can feel it.

Gone is the life when my eyes would get heavy around 10 and I'd shuffle to bed and sleep great until the early light.  I remember years ago getting up at 530am to do a power walk before my ex-husband left for work and the kids woke up.  I can still do that but the times are few and far between.  I can't really do THAT specific thing, with the kids being older and the ex-husband refusing to come to my house at that hour to get ready for work. rude!

Now I go back and forth from sleeping as little as 3 hours a night to sleeping like a rock for 14 hours a night coupled with a 3 hour nap.  It makes it difficult to plan for early morning runs.  What usually happens is the alarm goes off and I've only had a couple of hours sleep and I'm exhausted and stay asleep in bed.  

I have sleeping pills that I try to avoid or at least try to avoid taking every night.  I have tried to avoid TV and internet a couple of hours before bedtime and taking that time to read and relax but it doesn't make much of a difference.  

That leaves blogging at 6am after only about 4 hours of sleep and complaining.  I'm at work now, so I look forward to a good nap.  I usually have great naps at work.  It's encouraged so you don't have to tell my boss.  We are to rest and eat when we can because before you know it we could be on an 8 hour transport with neither of those.  

My run:

I drove to a great park that is close to downtown SLC.  It's flat and you have many options for running around it.  Concrete, black top, wood chip path or grass.  Its rectangular and around 1.4 miles around once.  There is an Aviary, pool, grass and pond with lots and lots of trees. There is also a couple of sets of restrooms and an ice cold drinking fountain.  I love it for speed work and like today, a chance to get 5 miles in while working on form, breaking in new shoes and trying not to trash my foot.  

Yes, yes and yes.  I ran 5 miles, I felt great about my form and my new shoes are heaven.  A lot lighter then previous stable running shoes that I've had and comfy.  I only had to correct myself a couple of times to look up and increase my cadence.  It did get pretty hot and I had to keep slowing myself down.  I still managed to hit under 8 min miles at some point in my split.  I know how important keeping it slow and keeping hydrated when it's hot but I still had to pull it back a couple of times.  I was starting to feel that headache come one.  Luckily it never completely blossomed. 

I would love to share my splits right here....
But unfortunately my Garmin is in the trunk of my car in Rock Springs and I am in Salt Lake at the AirMed Hanger.  My plane is flying to St. George with the OB team.  Yep, my job is all about the glamour.  

I remember that I ran an average of between 10:11 to 10:30 min/miles each mile.    

After I was done I changed my shoes and ran errands.  I can't say my foot didn't hurt at all but it was more of an ache.  I didn't get any pictures of my sweaty self in my most comfortable running outfit (Purple Sugoi shorts and white tank)  but I did get a picture of all the guilt food I bought my kids.  

I left last night for work (I work about 175 miles away from home and stay there for the duration of my shifts) to do an extra 12 hour shift for a sick call. I will be here for about 6 days.  My kids had to be home one night alone because my husband, who also works out of town a lot, is on the road for his job.  My kids at home are 17 and 19, so really, I shouldn't feel too guilty.  Plus my 24 year old is back in Salt Lake (he works in North Dakota - I'm sensing a theme here) and he said he would go check on them.  

I bought them plenty of treats so at least they wouldn't feel like they had to starve to death too.  Yes, wheat thins is a treat at our house.  I rarely buy crackers or chips. I eat a low carbohydrate diet with lots of fresh veggies and fruits and there is always plenty of that in the house. To a teenager that is not food.  Food to a teenager is a Hot Pocket.  My son was shocked and awed by my purchase of Oreo's.  Oh heck, why not.  Once in a while wasn't going to hurt anyone.  Plus there was this awesome sale at the grocery story if you buy 10 certain items throughout the store you get a smokin deal.  I refused to buy double stuff Oreo's though.  That is just gluttonous!! 

Here's to a day complete with an awesome nap!!

Blog on............

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  1. I'm amazed how you handle your daily routine, especially with no sleep. You are a rock star!!