Sunday, September 23, 2012

Black running toenail or NO toenail.

Somewhat of a running update:

I visited my NEW podiatrist last Tuesday and received a wonderful cortisone shot in my heel.  I'm being sarcastic, it's not wonderful.  My regular podiatrist retired and I was nervous about my new doctor but he turned out delightful.  He even x-ray'd my foot again at my request.  I haven't had a foot x-ray in 3 years and I wanted to make sure I wasn't nursing a stress fracture. We discussed options and plans and for now I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I choose to feel good about it.  I will finish the races I've signed up for and I'm going to get this thing to heal.  My foot (on x-ray) looks great and my form was really coming along during Ragnar.

Getting to the blog title of sorts.  Last night was toenail reassessment night.  It had been a few days, the blisters had been popped and they weren't sore any more.  Unfortunately a couple nails had to be sacrificed.  I had read that taking the toenail off helps the nail regrow better and faster.  I guess I'll see now won't I. I wasn't going to include pictures, but now I am.  I realized that when I was doing research I had a hard time finding pictures so that I could compare with what I had.  Truth is, I could make a living out of removing toenails because it's so interesting (maybe the nurse in me) but only from non-stinky feet.  I hate the smell of funky feet.

I removed the big toe nail and the two next to it on the right side.  First time I have lost a big toe nail and it was gnarly. My lucky husband got a play by play and a bunch of, "look at this!" while we sat on the couch.  Total lost from Napa Ragnar is 4.  I am going to wait a few days and then paint the toe nail bed purple and no one will ever know they are gone.  I want to make sure things are healing up before I put toenail polish on them.  I fear that the big toe nail will come back all jacked up but I guess it's another wait and see.  Hopefully I am smart enough next time to avoid this, or maybe not.  I can't get bigger shoes, my toes aren't even near the top of the shoe.  I do have a couple of runner buddies that put Vaseline on their toes prior to a long run. I will definitely be trying that at the Vegas Ragnar. I will not wear those orange socks again, never ever ever.


My toes before and the three steps of getting my big toenail off.
After I took the big toenail off there was a layer of skin or something that peeled off easily.  This picture is of the finished removal and removing the middle one.  That one was bad because of it was just one huge blister.  I haven't removed the purple toenail polish yet, obviously.  I have to pace myself.

Don't say I didn't warn you.  

Now to my running/style update.

Since I'm not running for a week I did work out on the elliptical for one night, then I spent a night flying for work so by the time I get home it takes me 24 hours to recover, at least!  Flying is not a benign action.  (Well that sounded hoity toity - which I just negated with the word hoity toity)  It would seem that if I'm transporting patients that are relatively stable that I wouldn't get so tired, but the vibration and change in altitude can wear you out fast.  I am very careful to drink an EmergenC or a NUUN after each flight along with an extra 16 ounces of water.  I also try to keep up my protein intake.   I'm still feeling a little out it but this morning I took a BarrEvil, I mean BarrEvo class with the ever "kickin ass and taking names" instructor. Want a good workout, sign up for one of his classes - any class. Tomorrow is a Pilate's class and Tuesday I will do a very very easy short run.  I've iced my foot twice a day, ibuprofen and I started using this foot rubz ball to massage out my heel.

Today at my class I wore my new Lululemon shirt I ordered online.  It was clearanced at 35.00, which is a STEAL.  I wouldn't go looking for it, they sold out in like 24 hours.  Tomorrow I'm going to the store to look at the clearance rack, so who knows where my running budget is going this month.  Oh I know - to Lululemon.  If you haven't tried them, then don't, you'll get addicted and go broke.  Their clothes fit wonderfully are comfortable and very good quality.  Their Turbo shorts are so great I could buy them all but for now I'm waiting for them to kick out some more black ones.  The back of the short is just a little bit longer then the front and I love it!

New tank from today.  Run: Catch me tank.  The straps are substantial and I can wear a running bra under it when I run.
I had this one already:
I have a dark gray sports bra that looks great under it and I love running in it.  The tank also has a strip along the inside bottom that keeps it from riding up.  

So dang cute and happy with them.  This picture looks like the color is different then the official website pics, but you get the idea.

Only 3 more weeks and I have a half marathon!!  With all my running and races I am not going to do a formal training plan, but hoping to enjoy the race more. We all know how that goes for runners.  That is the plan, but I'll probably end up trying to beat my PR.  So predictable!!

Blog on.............


  1. I totally had to scroll straigh past the toe pictures. Gasp.

    Top looks great and love the color.

  2. I am a fellow black-toe picker. I've "operated" on the odd black toe myself. How did you remove the nails so neatly? Did it hurt? How are they feeling now? I have lots of black toe problems and I had never heard that removal would help aid the healing. Any suggestions for when you don't remove the nail and then they "lift"? I've got lots of that going on. Sorry for all the questions...