Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Running tomorrow

I have been cleared to run an easy slow run by the podiatrist.  I'm really excited!  Silly, but true.  I am feeling pretty good about my heel and I need to get on it for my half marathon!  More then anything I'm excited to wear my new running outfit!

What does 190 bucks look like?

I really like Lululemon's running clothes.  The crop pants and white tank were on the clearance rack.  I paid full price for the pink tank.  I am going to wear the crop pants and the pink tank tomorrow.  You can't tell me that having a wonderful running outfit doesn't make you faster.  

I plan on going to liberty park and just jogging around for 3 miles.  I'll wear my Saucony Hurricane's so that I'll have great support and hope for the best!

I also had to go to Costco today.

My very very favorite candy/snack and stress reliever.
It's delicious.

Don't mind my hair.  It hasn't been washed in a while and today wasn't the day.  I took a Pilate's class, got my ass kicked, shopped with Tera at Lululemon, had lunch with her and then went to Costco.  Once I got home I worked the rest of the day on paperwork.  What is paperwork?  It's taking care of all the receipts and payments making sure our family life moves along smoothly.  I even had to do some work email and update the family calendar.  Whew!  Didn't even have time to wash my hair.  

Looking at races for next year.  Hoping for at least these three:
Thelma & Louise Half marathon, Moab Utah in June
Bay to Breakers in San Francisco in May
Chicago Half Marathon in September

It feels pretty sparse.

Does anyone have a favorite half marathon that has a great medal?  I'm a medal whore, but I also want to travel around and experience running in other states and good courses. 

Blog on...............


  1. I ran the Little Rock Half Marathon this year and loved their medal! They have a theme each year and next year is LUCKY. I'm sure they have another awesome medal!

  2. That sounds great! I wonder if it's a 4 leaf clover. I would be all over that!

  3. You are exactly right about a cute outfit positively affecting a run. Yours looks like money well spent! I've never shopped at Lululemon. I know, if I were to start, it'd be a slippery, expensive slope...