Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great run!

I did it.  My first run after the Ragnar and a cortisone shot.  I planned on an easy three - I made it four miles and enjoyed every minute of it!  I started really slow but once I corrected my form, leaned forward and held my head up high I felt great!  I ran one minute faster per mile without any increase in effort.  I kept my cadence high and with the perfect weather I felt amazing!  I reviewed in my head how good the Napa run was and how great I felt about my accomplishments.  I real inspirational run!

The park was looking absolutely perfect.
Even the "alleged" homeless man was taking a wonderful nap.  Or passed out, either way it was a great day!

Wore my new Lululemon!  I had to wear a more substantial bra under the tank but still loved it.  I started with a long sleeve half zip but tossed it back in the care after the first round.

With the pants.  I was trying to get a full body to send to Tera.  Not because the clothes make me look better but how the clothes look period.

Here is the sweaty finish pic.  After this run I finally washed my hair.  When I have it de-grayed (colored) it goes almost a week without getting too gross. 
I might have gone a day too long this time. 
One week until those nasty braces come off!!  With all the wires and elastics around all the brackets it's impossible to show a white pearly smile.  Not to mention the hours I spend a day trying to keep the food out of the wires.  The pain is pretty much over, but I'm done.  I get them off next Tuesday and can't wait to smile without getting my top lip stuck on the brackets.

Last time I worked I was helping push the wheels down on a stretcher and pulled my right groin muscle.  It was a little sore and I could tell that I did it. When I did my BarrEvo class it didn't bother me at all and even with my Pilates I totally forgot about it.  After about 1/2 mile running I could tell it was there.  It made sure I was aware of it through out my run.  I really stretched it out after the run and it feels fine.  Funny how it just came up again with running.  I don't even know how to treat a groin muscle. Do you ice it?  Get a massage?  Awkward.  haha

Have you ever had any injuries that you can't even tell are there until you start your run?

I had a knee injury a few years ago that felt great until about the 5th step into a run

What is your favorite running outfit?
I have too  many!

When you are feeling awesome about running, what sort of thoughts do you have?

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  1. yay for the first run back!! i totally agree, that top is WAY too cute to not pose for pix in...luv the color! :)
    woot woot for soon to be brace-free...ur teeth will feel really slick/funny/slimy at first, i remember i couldn't stop running my tongue across them when i first got them off....hehe.

  2. I sometimes have issues with my groin muscle and the best way for me to treat is is to foam roll it. Works great!

  3. I'll have to try the foam roller. I didn't even think about that! I have been warned about the slimy teeth. It will be so much better then the sores in my mouth from all the metal!