Saturday, September 15, 2012

Have you seen my boyfriend?

Let's just say, don't ask me to do something and be surprised when I do it and take it the extra mile! Haha. Today started out on the road. Van 2 started at 1230 am for a night of running. My leg was 8.3 miles but ended up being 8.75. About 15 runners stayed right as indicated on the sign but what the sign meant to say is turn right and bear a slight left.
I still made it in my time allotted with an average 10:12 min/miles. Course was slightly up hill until mile 6 plus extras. My goal was 10:30 min/miles so I can make it through all the legs and over 21 miles total. Having a blast!! Love my team, these girls & guys are fantastic!

Plus, we bought a cowbell. More cowbell!!

Ashley trying to run without arms, eating takeout from hooters, hot showers, new boyfriends, counting deuces, 15 point Uturns and giggles galore!

How was your night??

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  1. Looks like you have the time of your life! :)