Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He's number one

Happy Birthday to my first son.  He turned 24 on July 26th, but our schedules are crazy and we finally went to dinner tonight to celebrate.  Watching my kids interact I found myself wishing I was a sibling instead of the mom, but then I'm really glad I'm their mom.  They are awesome!!

Jake, 21 and his girlfriend Emily, Sami, 19 and Austin.  He was sitting up super straight.  Silly kid.
Daniel made it a few minutes late, he's 17 - obviously.

Of course I gave my son running stuff.  He has actually done some running and shown an interest in it.  Since his job is driving around heavy machinery I'm hoping he gets out and gets some fresh air once in a while. 
Of course the shirt matches the shoes.  

I love you son!  
Blog on.........  

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  1. There is nothing more exciting to have family starting to run!!