Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rock day 4

So far this day of work has been somewhat uneventful.  Once we were sure we had all the meds and equipment we needed then it's been pretty much football, crocheting (I'm crocheting baby stuff for gifts) and eating.  I don't have any cashews or dark chocolate so I am feeling a little neglected.  

I was browsing running blogs and if you haven't stopped by this blog you should do it and pretty quick:

Shut up & Run

She has the most excellent sense of humor.  I've only been reading her for about a month and I love it! I have gathered some great ideas from her blog and enjoy her posts about running and life.  Plus she is closer to my age, which I have found is rare in the running blog world.  The "in my 40's but still a sexy bitch" time of life.  Today's post was about her trail run, classy paperboy and FWP..which are First World Problems.  

I actually found a website that has a bunch of FWP's listed and I couldn't stop browsing.  I'm sure this is some trend that has been going on that I have totally missed, I seem to always be a day late and a dollar short these last few years.  

This is from Pinterest and is a great example of real problems!  It is also the same example that I read this morning on Shut up and Run.

first world problems

My favorite is the "trying to text at a red light" one.  I do that all the time.  I think I'm awesome for not texting while driving, but I figure if I'm stopped.......

Yeah.  That is the way my mind works.  That and I know I'm an awesome driver.    

Here is the best explanation found at this website:

Although I can't imagine there is such a thing as too much cheese?!?

I don't really have any FWP's today besides the fact I have no cashews or chocolate.   It's been a pretty easy going day.  Hopefully I will have a flight before too long.  Those always make me appreciate the day to day life.  Usually if I'm transporting or working then someone is having a very crappy day.  

After having made this blog a more running, frequently posted, hopefully informational at times place to share my stories, I have spent a lot of time reading blogs.  Blogs that are posting for a purpose besides just life can be pretty entertaining.  I know that a lot of blogs ask questions at the end of their post.  I've been considering doing that.  

What do you think??  <-----see?

Countdown to the Napa Ragnar!!  Next Thursday we leave for San Francisco and a visit to Trader Joes!  Here is our shirts, on the back we each have the name of a Zinfandel that has a funny name.  Mine is Beuhler.  Beuhler.  Beuhler.  

Have you ever ran a relay?

What is your favorite football watching snack?

Blog on...........


  1. I want to run a ragnar sooooo bad. I have run a relay and I LOVE THEM! I am planning on doing another one this march. It's so much fun!!!!! you'll love it :P

    and I love SUAR! she is great

  2. Which one are you doing in March? This will be my third one and I'm signed up for two more. They are a blast!

  3. Beer. That's my football essential!