Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lost? Lost!!

Today I stay in Rock Springs to work tomorrow, but I don't have to work for 24 hours.  It's cool and clear and I planned a 10 mile long slow run.

I started my day by turning to the oncoming team and asking, "How far away is Billings from Colorado Springs?".  Apparently they are REALLY far apart.  What can I say, I'm not that great with geography.  It was a sign of the day to come.  

The team enjoyed a little teasing and I went on my way to move my stuff to the off duty apartment and go for my run.  I had planned out a run that takes me to the old part of Rock Springs around historical downtown and then back around the other side of the freeway.  I sent the map through MapMyRun to my phone.   Then I realized that I didn't have my phone holder and I wasn't going to hold it the whole time.  I didn't have my fuel belt or any big pockets either.  So I left without it.  

The run started out OK.  I didn't feel tired but I didn't feel very good.  Kind of "urpy".  A little nauseated but not really.  I had woke up this morning with the worst pain behind my left scapula.  I am pretty sure I just slept on it wrong but the pain was intense despite ibuprofen and stretching.  

On my way I thought that I would cut off part of the 10 miles and make it around 8.5 to 9 miles.  After I got through historical downtown I made my way to the other side of the freeway.  The run was going OK, I was running a little slow, but it was a slow run so it was good.  I brought a goo and ate it, or gagged it down and had a big drink of water.  I saw a gas station and thought that maybe they would have ice and water, but I was wrong.  Then on the other side of the freeway there was no sign at the light so I went through.  After about .75 miles I decided to turn around.  Which is good, because I was going the terribly wrong way.  I had just found a gas station that had ice too.  I don't think there should be gas stations without ice and water.  It's teasing the slightly hot and needs more water runner.  

That wonderful detour cost me over a mile and a half and my Garmin hit 10 miles about a mile before the apartment.  I mostly walked after that and stopped at a "Kum & Go" (teehee) and bought a Gatorade that I sipped all the way home.  I was exhausted when I got home, but not as bad as I have been before.  I forced myself to drink at least 3/4ths of the Gatorade.  

(Walk 1 minute/ Run 5 minutes)
Mile  1     10:45
Mile  2     10:09
Mile  3     11:11
Mile  4     11:16
Mile  5     11:00
Mile  6     11:44
Mile  7     11:06
Mile  8     11:05
Mile  9     12:02 - walked up a big hill
Mile 10     10:38
Mile 11     15:24

A lot of my times are longer because there is a lot of lights and I didn't turn off my Garmin for the wait.  It auto stops but it's a little slow.

Total Miles:             11:28
Total Time:           2:11:45
Average Total:         11:41
Average of 10 miles: 11:06

I iced and kept my foot up for about 30 minutes after my run before I got in the tub for a hot bath.  The pain in my back worked it's way out during the run and even though I can still feel it, it isn't nearly as bad as it was this morning.

I feel pretty great now!  

Pre-run ensemble.  Bright orange tank, purple lululemon shorts (the Turbo are my FAVORITE but they don't sell the purple online) and bright yellow shoes - the new Hurricanes!

My after run fun.  Ice and elevation for my foot.  Gatorade and some protein powder.  Thumbs up for surviving!!

Blog on...........

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