Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Friends, Lots of fun

OR:   What a cast of characters.

The team started like this:

I had ran a couple (3) Ragnars and I realized that if I ran Napa I got this cool gold medal. 
I had a couple of friends that I had ran with that wanted to whore up for the gold medal too! 

 Jen - A year ago when I was signed up to run Las Vegas Jen was saying how she could never do it.  I dared her to try.  She did, she owned it and now this is her third Ragnar minus 60 lbs.  Now she is just a running machine.
Ashley ran the Las Vegas and SoCal with Jen and I and joined us both.  For the Las Vegas race she ran just 3 months after having a baby.  

All three of us worked at the intensive care unit together and have a blast running.  

Of course the three of us don't make a team and we started throwing out the invites.  A runner that I met at a half marathon earlier joined us.  
Jen J. is also an ICU nurse and this was her third Ragnar since JUNE!  

We had a few runners say they will go and some backed out.  I had a friend that wanted to run and gave me the emails of about 7 runners.  I send out the "reality"! email that lays out the cost and the plans.  Out of those seven 3 gals committed and we had the start of Van 1.

 Liz, Sheanine and Coylette.  I met Coylette once before the race and the other girls through email.  I was super impressed!  Coylette is new to running, Liz is working on it and Sheanine is a rock star that has 1 year old twins and just ran a marathon.  I bow to you!
Liz recruited a runner she met once and bravely Anne joined us.

The rest of the crew I found on the Ragnar website or Ragnar Facebook site.  They didn't know anyone and still took a chance and thank god, because our team was awesome!!  I didn't get to know anyone in Van 1 very well because basically we never see them.  Who knows, maybe we'll do another race.  I consider them all wonderful people and friends!
I love this picture of Sean.  GQ model.  Runner.  Comes from Seattle and was at the race for the Gold Medal.  

Charene's first Ragnar.  She came prepared with sparkles and boa and was really a sweetheart.  She took awesome pictures too.

 David brought a little sparkle and a big personality to the race!  He also brought a big car load of vans/support group and entourage.  They were awesome!  His partner Steve did wonders for Van 2.  He did some driving, some sandwich getting and lots of phone calls.  He was the bomb diggity!

Not to mention everyone did a great job running.  All legs were ran by the assigned runner and done well!  

 In the beginning.......

Blog on.........

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