Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Van

Let's face it, the big green van is huge.  It's a GMC extended blah blah blah.  I don't know my vans well.  It has 6 captains chairs and a back bench.  A Ragnar team (or half a team - 1 van) has plenty of room to stretch out, sleep, snack and chit chat.  It's a beast to drive, but a few of us have gotten pretty good.  We left around 3am from my house on Thursday with hopes to make it to San Francisco by around 4.  It was closer to 6pm.  There was the car fire and stop for breakfast here.  The car did blow up and then about 150 miles later we saw another car fire.  Driving across the Oakland Bay bridge and then winding around San Francisco to find our hotel on Lombard street was definitely an experience.  For me, the girls in the van, those on the street and the other cars.  There was no place for me to park that big hunk of love so when I finally just parked it in front of the hotel they just put a cone out to protect it.  I don't think they wanted to move it either.

Nicole, Jen and Ashley relaxing.  Doesn't look too bad now doesn't it.

Driving in downtown!   Just a few honks, yells and rude gestures and that wasn't even from our van.

Gas was atrocious at times. Of course that bad boy gets about 10 mpg.  Woot Woot!!

Start decorating at one of the stops.  Looking HOT in my sweats!

Went to the start line to see off our number one runner and finished the decorating.  This is me pretending to almost fall off the van. Of course I'm not even close because of the odds of me ACTUALLY falling off the van.

Now I'm trying to drink some vodka

How can I possibly do serious decorating with these sort of shenanigans??

 The windows and our never ending creativity.
or not.

Have you seen my boyfriend??  It is very common for most vans to count "kills" which is when you pass someone.  We decided to count lots of stuff.  One was the car fires we saw.  Alas, we only saw the two.  The next count was the deuces we took.  Our team is a well running machine, wouldn't you think? (Deuce = BM).

This was the "whatever" window.  I couldn't stop repeating lines from the Progressive commercial where the two guys light on fire.  HERE
It's like a SAWNA and No mas pantalones.  SO that window took random lines overheard in the van.  We decided that if we do another team we are going to call it "no mas pantalones" and cover the van in underwear and make a HUGE pair for the back.  Oh yeah!

Safe word?  Very popular
with the 50 shades 
of grey crowd.  
Of course I put Ethan's name on there.  That was the running joke pretty much throughout. I finally broke up with him on the last major exchange for being so aloof.  

Our assault window.  I think we just stopped counting because we got lazy and our ass's kicked.  The "you know you want to look" is because everyone that drove by or was as a stoplight with us would give us the sideways look.    

And finally our team.  I drew a picture of Davids "hair" and we put all our Zin names on the van.  The "Boom. boom. boom." Is a line from the movie "Couples retreat" that was way overused and 
hilarious EVERY time.  

Later, when sharing pictures, I found that our blimp had been violated once again by a member of van 1.  Anne, giving the blimp a hug.

The van is key to standing out.  Our inappropriate and off color behavior is what gets us remembered!

Blog on............

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