Friday, September 28, 2012

Running plans

Last night I couldn't sleep very well and when we got a call at 4am to transport a patient I knew things could get drowsy!  Plus there is no time to make coffee, find coffee, buy coffee or grow coffee.  We had to fly over an hour to a small town and I immediately fell asleep.  Being in an airplane, with the heat on, snuggled in my down coat and just a little bit of chop in the air is a complete equation for sleep.  Luckily the drive from the airport to the hospital was enough to get the sleepies out of my eyes, throw on some lip gloss and grab a breath mint.  If nothing else, I will have shiny lips and fresh breath!!!  

So the transport was very much needed and the patient did great.  I do not sleep when the patient is on board for obvious reasons, but the second we got on the plane to come back to the Rock I was snoozin!  I am going to be hurting when I start flying rotor!  We had our training this week and I was informed that for safety we need to stay awake and stay focused. OH MAN!  

I know that non of this has anything to do with running plans, but my work and lack of sleep prevented any running today.  I can't really complain, I'm on shift and getting paid, if there is work to do, I'm here to do it!  Now that I'm settling down to bed and should be sleeping, I'm reading/stalking other blogs.  I see so many that have such awesome detailed running plans.  I really suck at training plans.  I've especially taken a dive since my last half marathon.  I know part of it is my foot and a little part is trying to work around my work schedule.  I'm sure others have the same challenges.  

I am keeping with my plan on my foot and really see a difference.  I see a difference more at home.  I'm not as committed when I'm at work to ice it and keep it in a shoe.  I'm pretty sure my flight boots aren't the best healing environment either.  Over all, even after the 4 mile run I did earlier I have noticed a difference in the way it feels.  Able to walk a lot better.  I just have to keep it up.  In the meantime I have a half marathon in less then a month and then in 2 months a Ragnar in Las Vegas.  I'm going to run tomorrow when I get home along with icing the foot and taking a foam roller to my groin pull.  In between I'm going to keep my running to minimal training and no wasted miles.  Hopefully this will encourage my foot to heel and next year I'll be ready to train really well for a half marathon.  I don't know why I'm complaining.  I totally improved my PR on my half this year by 8 minutes!  

Maybe I just needed to vent!  

Or remember that life is good, really good!

Waiting for fuel at the SLC Airmed Hangar to go back to Rock Springs.

Do you ever find yourself having a pity party?

Usually on days when I haven't found time to run or exercise and feel not so positive.

What makes you feel better?

Tonight is was coconut milk ice cream..nummy!

Are your training plans very specific and detailed?

Blog on.................

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  1. I do have very specific training plans, I love Excel and I love creating a cool spreadsheet. I guess that is the reason I'm an engineer :)