Friday, September 28, 2012

Overheard in the Rag Van

This sounds like something that may be overheard in the Ragnar Van.

This reminds me of my gals from the van.  Although we are all happily married our conversations twist and turn all over the place.  Plus, the older the woman the more shameless.  1-800-sosueme


I'm going to have to ask you to shut the hell up

Brown chicken!  Brown Cow!

Don't you think he ought to slap my ass if he's going to pass me?

How does my hair look?

No Mas Pantalones

Have you seen my boyfriend?

What would it be like to run with no arms?

Let's count deuces!!

Is blood in your poop bad?

There is an accident behind us!

Yeah, because honking at me is going to make me go faster.

Just bust it! (around a corner in the van.....)

Oh he is delicious!

Isn't he fine!

I won't recognize him with a shirt on.

Stop humping the inflatables!

Can I get some WHheat thins?


Boom boom boom

Your stomach hurts?  Do you need to poop?

I thought I was going to die.

I am not here to judge you.

We need to........(translates into KATHEE/JEN needs to)

Is that a midget?


OMG - crotch shot!

I'm taking my shorts off

I'm getting dressed back here

Can you hand me the ibuprofen?
Can you hand me the ibuprofen?
Can you hand me the ibuprofen?

What is the maximum dose of ibuprofen?

Where is the foam roller?

Is that coconut water good?

Those are awesome BALLS!

Look, that car is on fire!

Look that car just blew up!

Which way do I turn......PAY ATTENTION!!

Honk the boat horn!

Did you get the runner a cold water?

Is that her?  Is that her?  Is that her?

Firestation??  Fireman??

Shit just got real!

I have prunes!  Do you need prunes?  Drink more water.

Can you get me a water?

That was awesome!

I did it!

I didn't die!

Take the flag!

Where is my phone?  Where is my phone?  WHERE is my phone?

I need to pee.

If my toenail falls off I'm giving it to you, as a friend.

You know you wanna look!

Do you have hair on those balls?

Did you just say that?

I have zip ties.

The mango ate your baby.

Call Nike, tell them what we did.

Shameless hussy!

I'm sure there were many more that I have forgot.  I know I spend more time laughing then running. Thanks to my team for making it yet another awesome experience!

Do you get punchy when you get tired?
Very much so and my language goes down the toilet.  I'm more of a sailor then usual and if something upsetting happens I cry a lot easier!

If you have done a relay, what sort of things were said in the van?

Blog on............

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  1. I love this! I can only imagine the scenario that accompanied some of those comments...
    Sounds like SO much fun! I'm running my 1st Ragnar in Jan & am so excited to read other recaps.