Friday, September 28, 2012

In the park

Great run today.  I left at 6pm and drove to a local park that I actually did most of my learning on many years ago.  I enjoy running where there isn't traffic and there is lots of people.  Sugarhouse park in SLC is a great place for gathering and they have a road that goes around it that is about 1.4 miles around.  The difference between Liberty and Sugarhouse parks is that Liberty is basically flat and Sugarhouse has two hills.  First one I can run through pretty easily now but the second kicks my ass.  I have to really slow down and I still get winded.  I left the house not sure what kind of run, how long or how fast.  I decided on 5 miles (taking it slow as per podiatrist) at just whatever pace I was feeling.  It was pretty cool because they were having a farmers market at the park too.  I was almost tempted to stop and shop, but I passed.

Mile 1     11:09  Naturally - I always run slow at first, but after a warm up:
Mile 2     9:42
Mile 3     9:59
Mile 4     9:33
Mile 5     9:28
Total Time   49.52  
Average 9.58 min/miles

Then I cooled down by walking to my car 
Total time with cool down     58.53
Calories                                603
Max pace 7.25
Max HR  170 with average of 145

Not a bad workout.

Except for the first two miles I ran under 8 min/miles at some point.  I think that is very encouraging!  Plus my toes didn't hurt at all despite some wicked downhill run.  Guess wearing the right socks and lacing the shoes up right DOES help mucho grande!

I looked up foam roller stretches for my groin pull.  Interesting.  But it did help.  I also did some 30 second hold stretches after the run.  It didn't bother me too much during the run, but I need all the help I can get.  Before the run I iced, massaged, roller balled and taped my heel.  After I iced, hand massaged it and did some exercises.  They have an exercise where you pick things up with your toes to strengthen them.  So I did!  

Bad thing at this park. The hundreds of ducks.  Then parents bring their kids and they chase the ducks around.  The ducks aren't too scared because they are around people all day.  One guy was feeding a loaf of bread to the ducks. I kept thinking that can't be good for ducks and all those carbs are going to make them fat.  :::shrug:::   Oh well, I'm scared of ducks and I was always nervous having my kids around them.

My car lights - I'm about to interrogate them.  hahaha
It was a beautiful night!  I love the fall.

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