Saturday, September 29, 2012

I’ll take my milk in a saucer please…..

Sometimes I can be catty.  Although I never mean it to be malicious or hurtful, the word catty seems to be perfect.  I’m usually catty in my head or to a trusted friend.  Why does it feel good to hang out with a great friend and freely speak your mind about those around you? (sorry if you thought I was perfect, it's an easy mistake)

Today’s catty thought was in my head.  There was a lady in my TRX class that was talking to the instructor and complaining about the price of classes.  First of all, the rent was raised at our studio and secondly, the prices are not only fair but probably the cheapest in town.   In my head I said to the lady: “You are wearing a full Lululemon outfit so you obviously can afford something nice to wear, next time don’t buy the outfit and you can buy at least 5 classes……and your hair color and cut is crappy”
In my outside voice I said, “The classes are still a very good deal”
True. Personal. control.

This made me giggle!
This was too funny not to add!   Shake! Shake!  Shake!

Speaking of speaking our minds, I tend to speak mine (which is not to be confused with being catty).  In the last year I have had two experiences where speaking my mind led to a person/friend to just stop.  It’s hard to describe what they stop doing.  Stop interacting with me in a friendlier manner, is the best way to describe it.    Weird.  Because these people (2 of them) seemed to embrace and enjoy my more outspoken personality but then I said something they didn’t like and BOOM.  Or did I?  I have no idea exactly what happened. Shutdown.  There was no conversation. 

HEY, we are having a confrontation here!” was a line I heard today on one of my audio books.  Perfect.  I feel like I am left standing alone, being robbed of the other half of the conversation.  I am perfectly happy to listen to someone tell me how they think it is or how I am wrong.  I can admit I am wrong.  I tend to talk before I can think and I've mastered the art of apology.
I don’t want to really talk about either of the people or the situations (I do and I have but not in this venue) because I know there is always 2 – 3 sides to a story.  I do know that I have been asked, “what happened?” and I am left with, “I have no idea!”  I guess if I've learned one thing from my perfectly loving parents is that it’s just not worth making a deal out of it and forgiveness is best. 
I will just skip along………….

On the bright side!  My TRX class was uber awesome and I had my butt handed to me by my instructor.  I did every exercise he wanted us to do and if you've ever taken a kick ass TRX class then you can appreciate what a success that is. 
I think my delt’s are even stronger!!
Plus I got to smell and smooch this little head tonight:

My niece:  Lisette.  Daughter of my brother Dave.  She is scrumptious.

Blog on……….

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