Monday, October 1, 2012


Whatever.  what?  
Today was a whatever day.  I worked yesterday a long 12 hours in the hospital ICU and it kicked my butt!  I didn't even feel like I got everything done.  Busy Busy Busy!  I was signed up for today, but I am used only as the last person to cover, unless they need my skills.  I have some skills.  After the ICU has found all the help they can from the hospital, if they still need help then I get to be utilized.  Yesterday was awesome, but I was so tired.  I was pretty glad they didn't use me.  I finally rolled out of bed around 9-10ish. I then spent many hours doing a lot of not much.  I could not get motivated and I was tired and cranky.  I try to keep my feet in shoes which help my plantar fasciitis heal.  I have inside shoes.  I wear them with my grammy jammies.
I actually don't even wear jammy bottoms to bed, just a t- shirt or tank.  I wish I could wear awesome, cute matching pajamas but I always gravitate to the most comfortable.  These pants barely stay up and they are super soft.  They are also IZOD.  Boom. Designer.

I knew I wanted to go run.  I still had one more relaxed run to do before I can dive into half marathon training.  Tomorrow is 2 weeks after my steroid shot.  Once I started moving I was feeling much better.  Really ready to clear my head and do what runners love, run.
Drove to a great parkway in town that goes from one side to the other.  I even remembered to stretch my feet/legs.  Of course I was taking all kinds of pictures while I stretched.  I took off and ended up running 6 miles at a perfectly relaxing pace.  
Same tree.  One on the left was before my run and the one on the right after.  Sun was starting to go down and it was absolutely beautiful.  The blue sky and around 80 degrees with a slight breeze!
Last run with braces.  Taking a cool down picture in front of my awesome car, Manny.  

After my run I went to WinCo.  Wow.  I do love that place for the most part.  I bought a package of chicken breasts and each full breast was over 2 lbs!  I was making soup and it called for 6 chicken breasts, I used one and it was plenty. Now I have over 2 lbs of chicken breast in the fridge to use tomorrow!  

I decided to try the Chicken and Lime Tortilla soup that one of my race mates had posted on her blog and on Facebook.

See that breast?  I am impressed.  (poet - teehee)  
I misread the recipe and added just a little too much chipotle in adobo sauce for me, so it was a little too hot.  Other then that, the recipe was amazing and I'll make it again and just cut down on the heat!  Fresh cilantro and lime then cutting up an avocado to put in after.  YUMMY!

Have you ever gone for a run, not for training but mostly because you are just unhappy and need to pull it together??

What is your favorite soup?

Do you have a pair of jammies you LOVE?

TOMORROW:   It's BRACES off day!!!  woot woot!!

Blog on...........

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