Friday, October 12, 2012

Day on the road

Took me 12 hours to get to Colorado Springs.  It's a 9ish hour drive.  I may or may not have stopped at an Outlet store and a mall.
Today - in photos.

7am on the road.

Rock star in Evanston.  Stopped at Little America - saw one of my medics.  

Decided to post a picture of how many miles I've done in hundreds.  

One, Two, Three and Four hundred miles.

Things were getting serious by 500 miles and I didn't even take a picture at 600 miles.  Mostly because it was dark and frankly I wanted to punch someone because of traffic. 

Then I ran across this little bad boy:

That's right folks.  Car Fire.  
Car Fire number THREE in the last 2 months.  

OK, I stopped twice.  First at the Outlet mall.
My purse is looking dirty and old so I bought a new one.  It's so nicely wrapped that all you get is a picture of the bag.  I had to send pictures of the ones I liked to my friend Tera and she helped me pick one out.  It's just too difficult of a decision to do alone.

I did go alone to the mall, and to Lululemon.

I trust myself only because I have been with Tera to the store in SLC a couple of times.  Plus we will get on the phone and look at the website together/apart.  It's a friendship that adjusts to our travel schedules!

FINALLY I made it!

This little kid is a delight!  He hasn't quite warmed up to me yet, but I did buy him an "angry birds" hat and it goes stunningly with his Toy Story jammies.  

The next week I'll be here, catching up with my great friend Chris and being mom to Lyndsi and Grandma to Matthew and soon to be Xander.  Hopefully I won't be too big of a pain in the ass for Brent.  (Lyndsi's hubby)

Oh, and in 9 days I'm running a half marathon.  

Blog on................


  1. I"m so excited you finally made it!!!!

  2. I'm glad you made it safely. Enjoy your week, sounds like a lot of fun!