Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things that can ruin your day.

Tonight was a lesson in not loosing it.  A cascade of events today lead up to me being in the wound up state of - I'm going to punch someone in the neck!

To make things even better.  It was a family dinner downtown tonight.  We get together once a year as just siblings and spouses with my parents and talk about what my mom and dad have and how we should enjoy it because the inheritance taxes are going suck up anything they have worked so hard to give us and we'll probably end up with an invoice.  I try to understand and help, because I see how it stresses out my dad, but I never planned on cash from my parents when they died.  That's just morbid.  

But, I digress.  Lets start early - around 3pm.

1.  Being Tired.  I just can't catch up. I feel like I could nap for 3 days straight.

2. Having lots of things to do.  Trying to get all the things done that I need to before I leave in the morning.  Packing.  Packing for Moab too.  

3. Taking a nap but having to get up earlier then you are ready because you have to get ready to go somewhere that involves:

4. Washing my hair.  Which means I have to dry and curl it.  MAN!!

5. Getting dressed up.  Hello Mormon family.  I don't go to church, I don't have church clothes.  I have a pair of black slacks, some garanimal shirts (Tshirt sewn to the sweater) and a couple of skirts that will make you blush.  Every dress up day is a stressful day.  Come to find out my slacks are too big now.  I was grateful they didn't fall down.  Oh LORDY!

6. a Fly in the bathroom while your trying to get ready.  I was more late then I should have been because I was intent on killing that damn fly.  Probably the most irritating thing ever.

7. No one there to feed the dogs and I am running late and my big dog won't take his medicine and can manage to eat a slice of lunch meat and carefully spit out the pills.  This begs the questions - where are my kids and why aren't they doing their chores?  Yeah - that can be Ruin day 7.5.  

8. Having to park downtown in an area that has changed dramatically since visiting there last.  So I went around the block and of course I have no idea where the parking is so I drive right past it, twice.

9.  Getting into a parking garage that is as crowded as Times Square on a Saturday night (when they allowed traffic).  I finally found a parking spot and hit the wall.  No damage to the car.  I was seconds away from driving home.

10.  Walking, Walking, walking into a building that is completely dedicated to the founder of the Mormon church and having dinner at their special restaurant buffet that serves water and juice.  Maybe they served soda, but soda is not my thing.  There was tons of desserts.  Luckily they had prime rib, and lots of it.  

It was .25 mg of Ativan worthy.  

It's not that I don't love my family - I do, I really do. But I really don't like being dipped into the culture.  If I did, I would still be Mormon.  

I'm sure that if I was there and it was a totally Lutheran/Baptist/Jewish building and restaurant then it would be fascinating.  I love learning about new stuff.  But I did the Mormon thing, I know the plan, there isn't 
any big secret that is going to fascinate me.

But what does a family do in this case?  My parents are just the nicest people ever and when they picked it I'm sure they thought how nice it would be to be in a private room, with delicious food and a great view of Salt Lake City.  This is why I really try to smile and be nice.  

It just is what it is.  I'm sure all families have those that have a difference in opinion.  I feel a little lonely about it sometimes, but it is my choice and I feel great about that.  

My Sis-n-law didn't even give me too many dagger looks.  I didn't hold her baby though, so I think that helped.  Keep the sinner away from the child!!   (I wish I was a sinner, my live has been way too mellow lately!)

Great news of the day!!
I was able to have brunch with my old friend Mic.  Known him for about 14 years now and still love the ole man!

Here is a montage of my family.  I was trying to be sneaky and I didn't get everyone in and I apologize for that.  Pretty close though!
Top corner is my brother Joe and my sister Caroline then the next picture was my dad then mom and my oldest brother Brad.  On the bottom row is my brother Dave and Mark (he's chuggin the sparkly water - lush!) and his wife Christie.  Oh and me. 
I didn't get my brothers wives in the pics, Melissa, Cathryn and Marie.  Sorry, my sneaky pics didn't turn out that great.  

The view of the Joseph Smith statue from the street.  This was on my first time around.  

Overall I had a great morning and OK afternoon and thank goodness for my family it wasn't a bad night!  

Who ran today?  I skipped the Tempo run.  Icing the foot right now.  Guess I'll play it by ear for now.   My friend Missy thinks I need to go get an MRI and I know she is right.  I'll have the next 10 days to think about it!!

Blog on................


  1. I know how you feel about the family and the church thing. but more on that when you get here.

  2. I'm glad you toughed it out to see the family. I had the same troubles with visiting my (demanding, German) father, but now that he's dead and gone, I'm glad I went to see him a few times.

    You know I'm right about the foot. Because you also know that if you don't agree with me, well, then you'd just be wrong :/

    Love you!