Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm not a doctor....

Tendocalcaneal bursitis - no, no, no.  I think it's Nerve Entrapment.  Could it be??

Everything you want to know about heel pain - (warning there are surgery pictures)

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Heel Pain.

My new heel pain is driving me crazy!!  It's has became worse with my new shoes.  Not the pink ones, the yellow Saucony Hurricane's.  Is it caused by them, probably not. I still think the low heel drop is bugging me a bit, but overall I think it's more global then that.  After spending a couple of days on Google I think I have an idea what the problem is.  

The pain is different then plantar fasciitis and it's not surprising that I've probably extended the injury a little.  The pain is like a painful electric shock in my heel.  It's not at the achilles tendon, but lower. It has been driving me crazy, mostly not knowing what it is.  I could be wrong, but I'm crazy and had to look up the symptoms.

Calcaneal Nerve Entrapment

Calcaneal Nerve Entrapment is a medical problem that can result in heel pain. There is a specific nerve known as the calcaneal nerve that runs under the inside of the heel. Sometimes this nerve can become entrapped and cause a burning pain on the underside of the heel. This pain is similar to the pain experienced by a plantar fasciitis sufferer, though heel pain from nerve entrapment will not get worse in the morning.


It seems odd that this nerve would become trapped under the inside of the heel, however it happens. It is most common among those that over pronate while walking or running. In addition, excess pressure from shoes can cause the nerve to become entrapped, resulting in serious heel pain. For this reason, this injury is common among athletes.


Diagnosing your foot problems may be difficult given the similarity of many of conditions. However, heel pain resulting from nerve entrapment does have specific symptoms. In particular, the pain from nerve entrapment is a burning sensation. It is usually worse at night. And individuals will notice that it is extremely tender where the nerve has become entrapped.

I do get the burning sensations once in a while, especially after icing and having it up.  Then, just occasionally it burns.  The worst is when I'm going downhill, down the stairs, up hill, up the stairs.  The electric shock pain is annoying and painful!!  On my long run I had 3 incidents of severe severe shocky pain that I walked through and then it went away.

Nerve entrapment:
Heel pain that is described as electrical or shooting is more likely to be from nerves.  There are nerves in the heel that can become entrapped or pinched as they cross muscles and fascia.  This pain can mimic plantar fasciitis, but when I press along the side of your heel  and run my finger over the nerve you will have the pain.  The low back is a common area to have pinched nerves that send pain to the heel.  If you tell me you also have pain in your low back I will test your spine to see if the heel pain occurs with stress.

I know mine has nothing to do with my back, but just the local nerves.

What does that mean for me?  

It means that it needs the same healing time and love that plantar fasciitis needs.  SO...the half marathon in a 10 days will be for the medal and not the time.  Luckily my next three races have low mileage.  There will be resting, ice, compression and ibuprofen in between and on a daily basis.  

I'm sure my new pink shoes will help it feel better too!!

Plantar Fasciitis - owie owie


Posterior Tibial Nerve??  It could be.  

I could be totally full of crap too.
Hard to tell.

Blog on..................

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