Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ditchin the bling!

Finally my braces are off.  

What I think it takes to remove braces and what happens when they take them off is TWO very different ideas. I would like to think I was misled, but I never asked.   I'm thinking 30 minutes in the chair, pull them off, shine them up and I'm out.

TWO HOURS later I finally get to rinse out my mouth and leave just to come back in 5 hours to get my retainer.  Which I was wrong about also.  

In the car before I went into the Orthodontist.  Look - I curled my hair AND lip gloss.  Special day!

Ready, set...lets do this!!

First - They put your permanent retainers on before removing any brackets.  I have them on the top and bottom of the front 4-6 teeth.  It looks more like a steel thread that is bonded on the back of my teeth.  THEN, they pop off all the brackets, take impressions for your retainers and grind all the glue and stuff off your teeth.  This was both bothersome and painful. I have sensitive teeth and had to take a break once in a while.  After that the orthodontist RE-grinds or polishes all the teeth (FOR THE LOVE!!).  Then X-rays and pictures and boom, done for a while.

This is the tragedy that befell me in between appointments.....HERE.  Or just read the next post which I did from my phone earlier in the day.  

When I came back I put in my retainers and couldn't get the bottom one off.  My frustration must have shown because the assistant asked me if I felt like I was suffocating.  Good times.  She had to get it out.  Tomorrow morning should be interested.  
Then I was waiting to get my picture with the orthodontist - because that is how it's done - and he decided to touch up my front teeth a little with shaping and a buffer.  I can't really complain, he is a perfectionist and I LOVE my teeth.  

This is after all the shaping, etc.

I know this day was replete with FWP (first world problems) but their my problems dang it!!  In the end it was a wonderful day - my tongue is a little sore from digging at my permanent retainers, but that should pass soon.  I have to learn to chew again, I keep catching my tongue and the sides of my cheeks.  

Not to dismiss my daily exercise - I did have a Pilate's mixed class tonight.  It was a lot of legs and we used the Reformer and bosu ball.  Tomorrow an early morning run!  

Smiles all around!!


Anyone remember that scene in Datenight with Steve Carrel and Tina Fey where he mentions about having sex as they are going to bed?  Well, Tina Fey  then starts taking out her retainer and spit is getting everywhere.  So sexy.

I picture that as my life.  Hahaha.

Blog on...............

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