Monday, October 15, 2012

Miracles and love

and glitter, unicorns and rainbows. 

Today started out way too early.  Got to the hospital by 6am to get baby Xander into this world.  I fell asleep.  Of course I couldn't sleep the night before.  I was hot, my mind was racing and just couldn't sleep.  

Waiting, waiting, waiting. 

Once she got the epidural, Xander made a run for it and she was feeling nauseated and a little like pushing.

She was right.  I only had time to grab my iphone.  She pushed once for the nurse and 2 -3 times for the doctor and then BOOM!  Out came Xander, covered in crisco and screaming like a banchie!

Dad Brent cut the cord.

Mom taking a good look of her greasy monkey!

At this point I don't think he is pleased.

He's a smart fella and after getting a little mama's milk and passing out he woke up all bright eyed and ready to take a good look at his family.

Grandpa Chris taking a good look.  He's such a tender hearted asshole. 
(if you know Chris that will make perfect sense)

A few hours later I grabbed grease monkey number one and took him home.  He wasn't too sure, since he hasn't been with me without mom and dad before.  He got over that real quick.  I'm adorable - how can he resist?  He had a delicious meal, followed by a bath that included bubbles and toys.  He moved water from one container to the next and between each one we clapped and cheered.  That is the exact moment I won his heart.  After that was jammies and playtime.  We also had a bedtime snack - I was worried that he didn't get enough to eat today.  I cut up an apple and banana and he loved it.  We ended the evening with a leap frog numbers video with lots of "yeahs!" and clapping.  Of course we spent about 30 minutes cuddling in the lazy boy.  

He started laughing at this picture and I took a few more.  Look how tired his little face is.  I carried him, his woobies and baby bear and put him in bed.  He didn't even cry!  Now it's my turn.  Another "Nana" day and going to the hospital to make sure brother Xander is ok.  I love Matthews little face and could cuddle with him for DAYS!!

FYI - this gal didn't even get light headed!  BOOM!

Blog on.............

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