Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yackity yack

Don't talk back!

Bad news bears - (I have no idea why I'm talking in TV talk)
The morning that Xander was born I was feeling a little queasy, but it didn't seem to last long.  Through out the day I felt great and ate good food, going to bed feeling like I was going to get a great nights sleep. 
Oh nay nay

At around 5am I woke up so freaking nauseated!  It didn't come with stomach cramps like usual, it was just nausea.  I fought it for a bit and then realized I was going to have to puke.  I don't know if your like me, but I hate throwing up.  I will be sick and miserable and lay on the bathroom floor before I give in.  Well, there was no holding back.  I'll spare the full on details but my body good and cleaned itself out...

I texted Lyndsi at the hospital and told her that Brent might have to come get Matthew since Chris had to work.  She was pretty sure she was getting discharged so they would be home later.  Luckily I was well enough to feed and watch Matthew safely and when he went down for a nap I was able to get a shower.  After that I decided that I really needed to go home.  I didn't know how but with a newborn on it's way home and Chris's son Hunter coming the next day I didn't want to give everyone the flu and have the whole crew puking and crapping all over the house.  

I packed up and when Lyndsi and Brent got home with Xander I broke the news.  We all felt horrible and Matthew even cried when I left.  It broke my heart and I wanted to stay - but I also wanted to be home where I could be sick in my own house.  

I didn't leave until 4pm so I drove about 3 hours to stay in Cheyenne.  I called around to a few hotels and everyone was full!  So I broke down and called the Little America, knowing that they are usually pretty expensive, but they had a room AND they were only about 5 bucks more then the mid-crappy line of motels.  

The room was GLORIOUS!

I even felt well enough to sip on some soup and have a couple of pieces of quesidilla that were carefully brought to me by room service.  Can't get that at Super 8!!
The next morning I had managed to keep down some juice, water and a little dinner so I ran a hot bubble bath, made some weak coffee and soaked while I read.  It was really a short bath but I felt much better.  Good enough to finish the drive home.

Now I am home, somewhat unpacked and in my own bed.  I still feel really off.  My retainers have got to go, they make me nauseated and gaggy.  

No running this week, at least not until my half marathon on Sunday.  I am still planning on doing it, for now.  I'm hoping another 24 hours and I'll be feeling better.  I'm not pushing it at all on Sunday and plan on a slow and steady pace.  

I also have an appointment with my podiatrist tomorrow to discuss the nerve pain and I made an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon for another opinion.  I can't get into the surgeon until November, so I thought I'd go to the podiatrist to see if he can give me a clue on it.  Doesn't make sense to schedule a second opinion before you have the first opinion, or does it??

Blog on............


  1. Aww ~ I hope you had a good night's rest and are feeling better!

    Your "foot plan" to see the podiatrist while waiting to get in with ortho sounds like a good one to me. Maybe podiatry could order the MRI for you so that ortho has the info already when you go in for your visit! Wouldn't that be efficient!

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better but it was before 5am that you puked. you text me at 4am. I'm bummed you had to leave but totally understand that you wanted to be sick at home. I would have felt the same way. Love you!!!

  3. Oh no, I hope you already feel much better and you can run the race tomorrow!! Good luck!