Thursday, October 18, 2012

Foot update!

Yes I do have an injury update.  Before I get to that, I did drag myself this morning (thank you Zofran!) to staff meeting.  During the meeting we were able to get a sneak peak at our new flying machine.  EC-145 please.

It's rear loading and so there is a crazy amount of room for a medical helicopter.  I am taking the picture at the bottom from the open back.  That is Tony in the seat, buckling himself in to see if he'll fit.  This is the Rotor that will be based at the U and when I start flying rotor (a couple of months) then I will get the opportunity to play big girl nurse in it.  Word.

Podiatrist bound I was!  I realized as I took off my sock that all the nail polish had worn off on all but one toe nail.  Then there are 3 that are missing and one purple toenail.  HAWT!!!  Plus I have very long narrow feet.  LOOONNNNGGG!! 
Lots and lots of discussion.  Dr. Preece checked for problems behind my knee that could contribute to nerve pain and he checked my flexibility, asked about my back.  We went over where the pain is (nerve pain is tricky) and where the numbness is.  I thought to myself, "do podiatrist even like feet?".  Because lets be honest - they aren't looking at great feet....ever.  
I digress.  SO...because he could not illicit (dirty!) any pain or hot spots then he's not really worried about the nerve pain causing permanent damage.  I've just pissed it off a little and when I run or do a lot of activities then it just goes ballistic.  In order to have some sort of Nerve Pain study, the nerve pain needs to be able to be duplicated.  SO..if I want to run 10 miles and run my way right into the hospital for the study that would be an option.  I think I'm going for a little less intervention at this time.  We talked about a higher heel drop in my shoe and how the mechanics of that may help both nerve and PF pain.  He looked at my inserts again, with admiration (thank you Dr. Lowe - they are magic) and we decided to pass on giving the inserts a lift.  Thank goodness I bought a sweet pair of Asics (Sorry Saucony!!) that have a 10 mm heel drop!!  

He taped my foot and gave me some of the supplies to do it myself.  With the plantar fasciitis pain and the nerve pain it's hard to tell if it helps or not at this point.  

It was a long discussion about healing, causes, interventions and lots of stuff that I won't bore you with.  I will continue icing, massage and ibuprofen.  I will probably pass on the compression sock that I bought for PF pain. I found that if I wear it too long then my foot starts to REALLY hurt around the edges.  Makes me wonder if that contributed to the nerve pain.  Who knows?  Medicine is a mystery.  At least I didn't get a shot.  

Then I tried to clean my room.  
Actually I just shuffled shit around and took out the trash.  Isn't that what cleaning is? 

What heel drop does your favorite shoe have or does it even matter to you?

Some of my problems started when I went to a 3mm heel drop.  I've worked my way up to an 8mm and will run with that and higher until my foot heals and I can strengthen it enough to go back to my 3mm.  I really like them.

Are you a hoarder, shuffler or tosser?
  (Don't be disgusting, I'm talking about your house and when you clean it!)

I'm all.  I shuffle things around and hoard stupid stuff and then I get sick of it and toss it all.  I usually do that about 2 weeks before I need whatever I threw away.

How many toenails do you have?

Honestly it's hard to tell.  I have some partials and I lost another one this weekend.  Not because of new injury I just didn't notice it was loose and boom, off it came.  I would say about 5.5 toenails right now. 

Blog on my friends..............


  1. Heel Drop: 4mm (Hoka One One)

    In this order: Hoard, shuffle, (years later) toss. Within days after tossing, I wish I hadn't. Wish I had hoarded and shuffled longer.

    # Toenails before the Bear 100: 10.
    # Toenails after the Bear 100: 6.

  2. I have a really hard time with the heel drop and so far I didn't give in. I still have my regular shoe, Saucony Guide 4. Soon I will need new ones and it will be tough to find a shoe since ALL have a lower heel drop. I hope your pain is getting better!